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Kairos Inc

Javir Strilla

Corporation Name: Kairos Inc.

Headquarters: Mnencheiasus

Locations: Allyuen, Tokmia

Operations: Kairos Inc's main operations are mining minerals, smelting ores, purifying alloys, and then crafting the materials into armor and weapons.

Rationale: Javir built the company with the help and influence of the Mnenchei Dominion.

Tier: 2

Kairos Inc was nothing but a idea in Javir's head when he joined The Mnenchei Dominion. His analytic mind never stopped with the possibilities of making himself and the Dominion grow in status and power. So going to them with a few of his concepts for armor, and weapons he was given approval to start the business as well as the funds he would need. Taking this opportunity to honor his father Javir used his fathers Sith name. Yet Kairos Inc does more than just craft weapons and armor. They go the whole nine yards.

Everything from mining, smelting, and purifying the ores Kairos inc takes care of. If specially ordered they will also sell the minerals separately. This corporation is loyal to the Mnenchei Dominion, however it will take request from different factions, or people though the grade won't be as good as what the Mnenchei Dominion it would still be high quality. This corporation may be taking planets resources but a portion of the profits are dispensed to people in the area where Kairos operates as a friendly gesture.