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Kail Myn

[Social Information]

Name: Kail Myn
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: twenty-five

Force sensitive: Yes
Force user rank: Knight

Affiliation: Independent
Occupation: Unemployed

[Physical Information]

Skin: Fair
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Olive

Height: 1.70 meters
Weight: 62kg
Build: Fit

Jedi Scholar: Although her time with the Jedi has been rocky, she learned from the very best in galactic history and archaeology.
Hardened: Being shot out of the sky and coming face-to-face with Sith Lords on Lujo has prepared Kail to face dangers of all sorts.

Hesitant Mind: Kail hates making important decisions which she rather leaves to others for better or worse.
Never Again: Although she is hardened, Kail has also developed a cynicism towards others and will rarely trust anyone with her back.

[Biographic Information]

Possessions: Training lightsaber, the clothes on her back

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