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Kaiden Rohn

Kaiden Rohn

Fallen Soul

Name: Kaiden Rohn (Formerly designated by Havoc callsign, MED-087 "Doc")

Rank: Sergeant, Galactic Alliance (Previously Commander in Republic military)

Age: 34

Height: 6'3

Weight: 210lbs

Build: Mesomorphic

Birthplace: Coruscant

NOK: Rinak Rohn, Kira Rohn (Deceased)

- Knowledge of small arms, ranging from slugthrowers to Verpine shatterguns
- Small unit tactics
- Advanced Infantry tactics
- Fire and maneuver expert
- Expert in stability-operations
- Counter-terrorism expert
- Trained shockboxer
- Speaks Sithese, Huttese, and Basic
- Vicious hand to hand combatant
- Advanced marksmanship skills
- Explosive expert

- Prone to periods of depression and self-pity.
- Little to no friendship, family abandoned Kaiden many years ago.
- Angry over the loss and failure of the Republic.
- Isn't a young man anymore- has the faults and weaknesses of a man who's had a hard life in his 30s.
- Overly protective of those in his care, to a fault.

Born to a wealthy family. Born to privilige, born to a lot. Threw it all away. Ran with a gang. Then joined the military. It's where it went downhill. Lost the woman he loved. Lost his team. Got it all back. Lost it again. Lost his beloved Republic. Now he's a bitter man. Now he's a broken man. Jaded.

He's Kaiden god damn Rohn.