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Anya Venari

Star Queen Tirathana VII
Name: Kaeshana (Kai-shay-nah)

Region: Inner Rim
System: Asur
Suns: 1 medium yellow main sequence.
Orbital Position: 1.5 AU relative distance.
Moons: 3; these are known as the Three Queens. Isianthar is some 2300km across. Silaqui and Ariane are both around 250km in diameter. The latter two are likely captured bodies. Isianthar’s relative large size was perhaps caused by material ejected by a collision with another planet long before.
Coordinates: K21, near the Corellian Trade Spine.
Rotational Period: 30 standard hours.
Orbital Period: 1.9 standard years.

Class: Terrestrial.
Diameter: 10,865km
Atmosphere: Type II to those unaccustomed to the atmosphere, Type I to the inhabitants who are acclimated to it. To an outsider it is perhaps best described by comparing it to low altitude air such as one might find at over 4-5km above sea level on Earth.
Climate: The planet is extremely unusual in its climate. Vast storms form because of the large mountain ranges and canyons scattered over the world. This creates great turbulence and often great flooding and spectacular lightning storms. Winds in the outer sea (see terrain) are especially harsh. To those in the canyons though the climate is usually warm, humid and foggy. Near the poles the winds are calmer, but because of the cold, it is not much settled. The large size of the moon Isianthar and the interactions with the two other moons also contributes to the dangerous tides and unsettled climate.
Gravity: 1.1 standard. Barely noticeable difference.
Primary Terrain: Kaeshana has an unusual set of terrain, just as its climate is peculiar. The planet consists of about 75% water, but most of the land is connected into one vast series of connected continents. In the midst of this is a large inner sea some 1900km across which gets its inflow from the larger surrounding sea.
The planet is most strange in that it is extremely mountainous, having originally been composed of a mix of soft and hard rock. Tectonic activity and especially erosion have worn vast canyons into the rock. Some of these valleys are dozens of kilometres wide, surrounded by towering peaks. It is in these canyons that the majority of the inhabitants live. The shores of the outer sea, because of the bad storms and contrary winds, are scarcely inhabited.
Near the poles there are significant ice caps. In the past glaciation has contributed to the creation of the canyons.

Native species: The canyons and plains hold a wide variety of creatures adapted to the conditions, as well as much aquatic life in the seas. In the forests and jungles that dot the planet, vicious predators such as clawfangs (an apt name) lie in wait. Large herbivores named Boras roam the plains and are considered a delicacy. Avians and flying lizards known as Ushoi stay mainly below the mountain tops to avoid the harsh winds. In the outer sea zones flying creatures are unusual. In the sea the turmoil above has little impact and the mostly unexplored oceans are home to vicious predators and large whale-like creatures called Bethaen.
The most noted native species are the so called Jesters. These little furballs, no more than a foot across, live in the forests and jungles, scavenging amongst the forest floor. Most amazingly though, these creatures have a weak connection to the Force, and can convey their emotions by a sort of aura around them. If they are happy those around them tend to be, but if they are angry or upset the opposite occurs. These creatures are not intelligent, but have the intellect of a smart dog or cat. They have become the target of a smuggling trade as pets across the galaxy.
Immigrated species: The Eldorai migrated from their original homeworld (See species application). Where they came from and when is unknown. Recently galactic creatures have started appearing, brought (willingly or not) aboard
Primary languages: Eldorai, Basic in trading areas.
Government: Matriarchal Theocracy. Kaeshana is divided into many small states, monarchies and free cities, but all acknowledge the rule of the Star Queen. They are, in effect, vassals of the Matriarchy, and this Queen holds considerable resources and power.
Population: About 2-3 billion inhabitants scattered over the planet and on stations above. This is composed of about 99% Eldorai and 1% others, mainly confined to spaceports and trading cities.
Demonym: Kaeshani
Major cities: The capital of Kaeshana is the impressive city of Santaissa, built in one of the many valleys astride a major river. This city is notable for being the most open planet to off worlders and also home to a magnificent ziggurat where the Star Queen resides. It has about 15 million people in its metropolitan area. Other important cities are scattered across the planet, ranging in size. The majority of people still live in relatively small communities.
Major imports: Technology, weapons, droids.
Major exports: Exotic food, gold, gemstones, slaves (illegal), exotic animals (illegal)
Affiliation: None.

Culture: The Eldorai who inhabit Kaeshana have a fiercely independent and largely isolationist outlook. For more details see the species entry for the Eldorai, as Kaeshana’s culture is Eldorai culture.
Technology: The Eldorai have developed to the stage that they have mastered basic hyperspace travel. However, without access to galactic knowledge, their expansion has been limited. It has also been hindered by their isolationist outlook and religious concerns. Recently the arrival of off worlders has led to a melding of technology on the planet as some new and some old devices become used.
History: Kaeshana is an oddity. It is the homeworld for the Eldorai, yet it is not where they originally came from. Indeed, the archaeological record for them begins some 25,000 years before the present, and there is no sign of them or their relatives beforehand. This has led to a number of theories. The Church of Light on Kaeshana supposed it was due to the Great Goddess Ashira placing the Eldorai people on this world then, though this view is much in the minority now.
While it is impossible to tell at this late stage, it is clear that the Eldorai arrived on Kaeshana around 25,000 years ago. The circumstances are obscure, but it seems clear that many of them arrived at around three points on the planet and set up bases. However, there was a disaster a few millennia later, perhaps an ice age or solar flare which crippled the Eldorai and devolved them technologically. No more ever came from space, and the Eldorai were left to recover on their own.
Some have theorised that the Rakatan placed the Eldorai on Kaeshana, though for what purpose is unknown. The timing is vaguely accurate for the breakup of the Infinite Empire, so this theory has some circumstantial evidence to support it.

Regardless, in the aftermath of the disaster, there seem to have been fewer than 50,000 Eldorai left, and they were essentially forced to rebuild from scratch, eventually multiplying and spreading out over the planet. The first Eldorai texts date from about 10,000 years before the present, and concern some religious drawings and rituals.

The actual history of the Eldorai need not concern us greatly. However, the last three thousand years has seen the rise of a united Eldorai Matriarchy which has established control over the entire planet. These Star Queens established a religious role to a political establishment both out of genuine piety, and because of the control over their subjects it grants them. Over the time of the Matriarchy many wars and heresies have raged, spilling blood in numerous crusades and wars.

Until the last century Kaeshana was almost unknown to the galaxy at large. As they had not developed effective space travel and this area of space was not frequently travelled. Those that did arrive were quarantined in a special area by the Star Queen, afraid they might bring down their autocratic control.

The Star Queen, Tirathana VI had to deal with the unexpected spectre of foreign incursions. Firstly pirates struck the few settlements in the Asur system away from the planet, and later raiders struck Kaeshana itself. Forced to fight off these enemies with outdated weapons, the Eldorai nonetheless defeated their enemies. One of those slaves taken was Adril Tythorin, who later became a Jedi.
Shortly after this, a Jedi sponsored expedition landed on Kaeshana, and for the first time were allowed a quarter within the city of Santaissa. The Eldorai were isolationist, but were not technophobes, and eagerly purchased anything they could from outside. In just a few years the technology spread over the planet, and Eldorai left for the stars, breaking forever the old theocratic control of their Queens. Eldorai who left sometimes returned with great wealth and prestige, but others came to grief in the galaxy.

When Tirathana VI died there was a minor civil war between the Queen's daughter Silaqui and her niece Nalia. Eventually Silaqui prevailed and Nalia died in the battle. During that battle the exiled Princess Anya returned to Kaeshana and become heir apparent. When Silaqui herself was assassinated, Anya was crowned Star Queen Tirathana VII in honour of her mother.

Intent: To create a planet for anyone who wishes to use this writer’s take on the ‘space elf’ archetype. This writer also wishes to put this and the Eldorai species into official acceptance so it can be used later. It also allows this writer to form a convincing way to link to the canon Star Wars character ‘Fay’ without exactly explaining that character’s mysterious origins.
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