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Kaden - Sith Jedi

Kaden's Repurposed Sith Warrior Armour

FACTION: The Order of the Silver Jedi (Pending)
RANK: Padawan
SPECIES: Sith Pureblood
AGE: Biologically 22, Chronologically 4513
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 210lbs
EYES: Amber
HAIR: Maroon
SKIN: Crimson


(+) Versatile - Kaden strikes a good balance between traditional saber skills and pure force powers.
(+) Strong Mind - Although mentally conflicted between light and dark, Kaden's resistance to mind-altering or mind-invading force powers/telepathy is quite strong.
(+) Physically Fit - Kaden is at peak physical fitness, affording him the ability to fight or run for extended periods of time.

(-) Conflicted - Kaden's past and present collide daily; both dark and light sides call to him. This causes a lot of uncertainty within the young man, making him prone to manipulation should a persuasive enough orator engage with him.
(-) Prone to Sickness - Extended time in cryosleep has had a seemingly permanent effect on Kaden, causing his immune system to be weakened substantially.


Kaden, Present Day
Being a Sith Pureblood, Kaden possesses many of the physical features one might expect; crimson skin, amber eyes and angular facial features. He has a few underdeveloped tendrils adorning his chin and sharp folds of cartilage on his nose and brow. The maroon hair sitting atop his head is messy and unkempt though it is rarely displayed as Kaden prefers wearing a hood. Distinguishing features aside, he is quite tall and possesses an athletic, muscular, frame. It should be noted that Kaden has five fingers and toes; raising doubts on his professed 'Pure' heritage.

He, like most Pureblooded Sith, is left handed and displays a wide variety of emotions with the help of his facial tendrils. For example, they twitch when he is angry. Additionally, depending on the occasion, Kaden's face may be adorned with marginal amounts of Sith jewelry.

In battle, Kaden will likely be clad in his old ceremonial Sith Armour; repainted and repurposed to suit his stature and needs as a Jedi. It boasts a flowing dark grey hooded cloak which covers an imposing mask and battle-scarred silver plating. All of the previously red trimmings have been repainted a dark shade of teal to reflect Kaden's new affiliation in the Jedi ranks. Suitably, he sports a blue double-bladed lightsaber which is neatly constructed out of minimalistic durasteel.

3663 BBY :- Kicking and screaming, a red runt was ushered into the world. Rolling sands and a blazing sun were his first experiences in the universe, followed by a scoff -- his father's disapproval. Had it not been for maternal adoration, the newborn would have been tossed off a sandstone cliff. The dynamic of adoration versus disappointment was a mainstay of childhood experiences for Kaden, who found solace only when he reached his adolescence.


Kaden, Sith Acolyte, 3641 BBY
This is when his father was killed.

Sith Warriors ran the risk of being injured, maimed, or killed, daily. It was simply a question of when; not if. For his father, 'when' happened to be shortly before Kaden's 13th birthday and the circumstances were never clear. Such was the proxy war between the Old Sith Empire and the Old Republic.

His dying wishes were for Kaden to attend the Sith Academy on Korriban so that the dark side may mold him into a worthy member of the Empire or rightfully kill his weak offspring. The former event transpired, with Kaden passing test after test. His abilities were never extraordinary, however they were all reasonably good. This lent the young Sith a formidable adaptability which never faltered.

At eighteen years of age, Kaden graduated the academy and went to study under Darth Traxu, a Twi'lek and former slave who was more interested in criminal enterprises than furthering the Empire's goals. Undertaking shady activities and errands back to back left Kaden disillusioned with his state of affairs and he decided he was leaving.

A star cruiser originating in Nar Shaddaa and terminating back on Korriban would be his trip home, but it was attacked by well-trained pirates en-route. It turned out that Kaden knew too many of Traxu's secrets. Even in the heart of Sith space, no allied ships came to the rescue, though multiple expeditionary fleets were in the vicinity. The pirates didn't board the cruiser; they were purely intent on destroying it.

In the blazes of electrical fires, through the jostles and bumps of explosions and over the piles of wreckage, Kaden made it to the nearest escape pod and launched. Due to the vessel being outfitted to travel through deep space for months at a time, its escape pods were also functioning cryopods with wide-range beacons -- maximising chances for rescue.

Kaden's beacon malfunctioned, leaving his pod undetected and Kaden frozen for millennia.

Presently:- In a galaxy of chance and defiance of the odds, it was only matter of time until someone found Kaden. That someone happened to be a Silver Jedi, and, upon learning Kaden was a 4,500 year old Sith, took him back to Voss.

It is there his story truly begins.

Having been already disillusioned with the Sith and having now learned that the Empire of old was no more, joining his rescuers was the sensible decision to make. He is now beginning his training as a Jedi in earnest, though the call of the dark is ever present...










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