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Kad Tor


Kad Tor in the plains just outside Enceri without his Beskar'gam


A young Kad Tor with his sister Briika Tor in full Beskar'gam

NAME: Kad Tor
FACTION: Mando'ade
AGE: 33
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
WEIGHT: 215 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Sandy Brown
SKIN: Caucasion



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses)
+Adequate Blacksmith
+Follows Resol'nare

+/- Not too quick to trust

-Quick Temper

Kadhas Sandy brown hair, blue eyes, and a slightly darker than ivory complexion. He stands at six feet two inches tall, and has a muscular build. He is rarely seen in public without his armor, the main colors being green and black. When the Mandalorian is working in the forge, he is dressed in very casual work clothes, and a blacksmith's apron.



Kad was born and raised by his buire Kara and Solus Tor in Enceri on a farm in the foothills of the northern mountains of Mandalore. His father was a skilled goran, and Kara was a trained baar'ur specializing in midwifery. He had an older brother named Valen, who was killed during a skirmish with Death Watch, and has an older sister, Briika, who is currentmy married to Vilaz Munin, and a baar'ur when needed.

Kad apprenticed with his father to learn how to be a skilled goran. He still lived in Enceri, while traveling to Keldabe to solicit business for the custom armor he had his father built. His plans has always been to move to Keldabe permanently. Kad was hungry for his independence, and like any. Mandalorian male, he was eager for the life of a warrior, and his own family.

His family became a reality when he met Ralize Darkfearher. The petite spitfire made a lasting impression on the beskarsmith, and in a short period of time, they married. The excitement would only build as they soon became parents to twin boys, both named for brothers the two had lost. Sadly Ralize and their sons were taken in what the galaxy called the rapture. Which was all Kad would ever know.

Some time later he met [member="Eliza Steele"], a Corellian Smuggler that reminded him a lot of his wife. Kad pushed for them to wed, but she didn't want that for her life, well at least the children part. She had been less serious while Kad had been all serious. In the process he discovered he'd never truly moved on from Ralize. This led to a lot of drinking which destroyed the relationships he still had.

Eliza helped Kad one more time by helping locate his sister Briika after Mandalore was destroyed. Briika would be the one to tell Kad if the death of their parents pushing him to drink even more. During this time he met a warrior whose story way similar to his. [member="Artemis Lux"] had lost a husband and son, and the two became fast friends.


Solus Tor -- Father
Ka'ra Tor -- Mother
Valen Tor -- Brother (deceased)
[member="Briika Tor"] -- Sister

[member="Ralize Tor"] -- MIA -- Believed to be raptured​
Valen Tor -- deceased​
Shaen Tor -- deceased

[member="Kable Detta"] -- Brother in Law (Deceased)
[member="Nolan Detta"] -- Brother in Law
[member="Graad Hokan"] -- Brother in Law (Divorced)
[member="Vilaz Munin"] -- Brother in Law (Briika)

[member="Mesh'la Dral"] -- Niece
[member="Aden Dral"] -- Nephew (Mesh'la)
Jair Hokan -- Nephew
Kayra Munin -- Niece
Valen Dral -- Grand Nephew

Eliza Steele -- ex -Lover
Artemis Lux -- Friend… more than… something… confusing


EE-3 Carbine Rifle
DE-10 Blaster Pistol
Vibroblades sheathed in his boots
Beskar Battle Hammer
Wrist Rockets Right Gauntlet
Vibroblade Under Left knuckle guard
Jet Pack for battle only

The Vulcan



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