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Junoi Venjuta (Sister)

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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂

Intent: To Create an NPC for Roleplays (Venjuta Storylines)/To Add To Family (Bloodline) Lineage

Image Credit: Here

Role: Sister to Count Marlow Venjuta

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Age: 600

Force Sensitivity: Sith Lord (Rogue)

Species: Sanguinius Vampirika / Vahla


​She is extremely beautiful, possessing eyes that can steal one's soul, and has alabaster skin. She is slightly shorter than those of her hybrid species, but what she lacks in height she makes up in physical appearance. A devout study of weight-lifting, she has muscles on top of muscles, but she is no freak; she has a magnificent toned body.

​Underneath her clothes, she has a Krayt dragon skull tattoo that encompasses her entire back, while possessing human based skulls tattooed up and down her legs. Her left underneath forearm has the singular word "Hate" tattooed , while on her right underneath forearm she has the words "Misery Machine".

​Opting out of the traditional garments most of the Venjuta Bloodline wear, she chose to wear this instead.


Name: Junoi Venjuta (formerly known as Darth Despairicus)

Loyalties: Count Marlow Venjuta/ House Venjuta/ The Venjuta Bloodline


​Monetary value means nothing to her. If she craves something of value, she takes it by any means necessary.

Notable Possessions: Lightsaber


​She is a master of the Makashi lightsaber form, translating into she is an excellent swordswoman. When it comes to the Force (Darkside), her abilities lie with mind domination. She knows how to call upon the traditional Force abilities, but opts tp focus on corrupting the minds of others.


​She is twisted and decadent. She kills without thought, and kills out of pleasure. She is Marlow's biggest opposition to his policy that the Bloodline only feast upon the evil doer; for she claims she is the epitome of evil. She hates everyone and everything that is not of her species. She rarely smiles, boasting once "If I was meant to smile all the time then I would have been a court jester". She is an extreme sadist, taking pleasure in killing those weaker than her.

​As per her species, she is snobby, narcissistic, and uptight. She struggles to keep friends, usually pushing others away and at times grows into isolation.


Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber

Combat Function:

​She is a true fighter, opting to face any opposition thrown her way. As a master swordswoman, she is deadly facing multiple opponents, hauntingly dangerous when facing two, and extremely dangerous in singular combat. Though her skill with the lightsaber is well documented, her ability in the Force is minimal since she only deals with mental domination; forgoing the entirety of Force abilities all together.

​Her only real weakness in combat is her pride. Having served the Sith Orders over the course of her lifespan, she has become quite prideful; meaning she can underestimate her opponent if the situation is right.

​She has an undying love for her Brother, Marlow, and in the event the two are faced with a life and death scenario, she would do what it takes to protect him; even sacrificing her life.


All throughout her young life, she had always been third best despite being the middle child of two brothers. She had to struggle to feel wanted and accepted not by her siblings, but from their parents; mainly their Father. Their Father always believed his only daughter was nothing more than a bargaining chip to cash in, to bring more prestige to the Venjuta House.

As per tradition off all Venjuta children, she was sent to Dathomir to study with the Green Mystic Clan, a sect of Nightsisters that had a long standing relationship with the Venjuta Bloodline. However, she barely listened to the teachings, and at times removed herself from their lessons. Feeling slighted, her Father brought her home, and in three days shipped her off to the Sith that taught all Venjuta about the nature of the Dark Side all Sith embraced; and it was here that she found herself.

Where she failed in the Sister's training, she wholly embraced the teachings of the Sith. She found herself, and from that she discovered the best way for her to harness the true Mastery of the Dark Side ideals. Upon her acceptance to the honored ranks, she took the Darth title Darth Despairicus. However, the Sith Order fell into ruins; Sith forced to kill Sith in order to throw off their numbers. At times, she was engaged with Jedi.

She returned to Serenno to contemplate her existence; which didn't last long upon the arrival of the One Sith. Under their tutelage, she rose through the ranks; achieving Sith Lord status. She fought countless battles for the One Siith, killing many Jedi in their bid total conquest. When the One Sith collapsed, she chose once again to return home amid the rumors of multiple Sith Orders rising collectively in various forms of power and stature.

Today, she has focused her attention on strengthening The Venjuta Bloodline. As an unofficial advisor, she has the ear of the Venuta Bloodline trying to discover a way to better the brood.
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