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Junk Transit

Romi Jade

Jedi Beauty
Junk Town


She wasn't necessarily pleased to be returning back to Tatooine. She never had an issue, but then again she never spent entirely too much time here; the sand was starting to irritate her. However, she was fulfilling a deal she struck herself about a year ago.

Then she came and bargained some Lecepanine for a personal mission to Kintan. It was successful...

When she left Deneba after renouncing her title, she really cared little for what actual possessions she took with her. Credits wasn't something she had an abundance of...and so when she decided to get the sedative she paid half the cash and offered to do a job and work off the rest.

She approached the open cantina, and took whatever open seat she could find.

Her feet were killing her, getting her was a pain but as soon as she did what she had to do she could get out.

"I'll have a water..." she'd save the drinking for later.

The worn droid bartender took the same amount of interest he seemed to take in all the other visitors or townsfolk who actually lived here. "What's the business?"

"Orrav sent me...I'm here to keep away these Womp Rats?" she said wondering if he could explain a bit more about what exactly they were.

"Womp Rats. Large rodents. The eat just about anything...very vicious and mean." he mentioned, "They travel in packs and have been raiding the storehouse here and even killed a little girl not too long ago."

"Great...giant rats." She took the glass and turned to look over the small town of junk.

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Cyrus Nova

Cyrus felt the sting of the of the sandy wind on his face as he walked through Junktown. He held a bag of stolen food and was snacking on a piece of dry bread. Cyrus's hair whipped around in the wind, already a mess he made no attempt to fix it. As he walked nonchalantly towards the place he had been crashing at he heard someone yelling.

With a whip of his head he saw a shopkeeper running to catch him. "That's him! someone stop that boy!" Cyrus almost fell as he scrambled to run away. Dodging in and out of a small crowd he saw a cantina and quickly darted inside as he walked in he brushed the sand from his hair, sat down and asked for a water with his back to the door.

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