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  • Name: Jungash

  • Designation: Sentient

  • Homeworld: Go’el

  • Language: Jungan, Galactic Basic

  • Average height of adults: 2m (males) 1.8m(females)

  • Skin color: Green, Brown, Gray

  • Hair color: Black, Brown, Red, Gray, White

  • Breathes: Type I

  • Strengths:

    Blood of a Warrior: Each Jungash, no matter their race, are born fighters. Their stamina, strength, and agility are near superhuman levels.

  • Beastmasters: Centuries of hunting the beasts of their homeworld have made the Jungash excellent trackers and experts on many species of the galaxy.

  • Xenophobic: The Jungash are disgusted by other races of the galaxy. Not enough to refuse to work with them but enough to not be persuaded by them. Whether it’s sexual, psychological, or any form of persuasion.

  • Hardheaded: The Jungash have very thick skulls, granting them extra protection from blunt force trauma applied to the skull. Also, mind tricks take much more focus and mental strength with the force to be affective.

  • Blessings of a Blacksmith: The Jungash are excellent weapon and armorsmiths and have been for centuries. Due to their long periods of time spent crafting their tools of war, they have a great resistance to fire and are, now with the advancement of technology, are knowledgeable engineers.


  • Bloodlust: Many Jungash have been known to fall prey to their bloodlust. When put under constant stress or anger, they become mindless killing machines willing to kill foe AND friend.
  • Infighting: Although the clans are reunited, there is still some infighting between them due to blame being tossed around for the Gulag Virus and all who passed away cause of it.
  • Primitive: The Jungash are very unskilled in any form of technology therefore they are currently unable to use any form of tech effectively. Some are even afraid of technology.

  • Distinctions:

    Tribal tattoos

  • Sharp, thick canine teeth

  • Pupiless Eyes

  • Average Lifespan:

    Child: 0 - 15 years

  • Young Adult: 15 - 30 years

  • Adult: 30 - 60 years

  • Middle Age: 60 - 110 years

  • Old: 110 - 200 years

  • Venerable: 200-250 years


  • Spiritwalkers(Greenskinned): The Spirit Walkers are the religion caste of the Jungash hierarchy. Due to their ties with the spirits of Veloz, they’re the ideal leaders, spiritual and social. Spirit Walkers are usually shamans, healers, and, rarely, necromancers.


  • Bladehands(Brownskinned): The Bladehands are the warrior caste of the Jungash hierarchy. They are trained from a young age in the art of warfare. Bladehands command legions of Jungash soldiers and are the toughest and bravest of all Jungash. Bladehands are usually soldiers, warriors, and commandos.


  • Deathcallers(Greyskinned): The Deathcallers are the assassin caste of the Jungash hierarchy. They are deceitful, cruel, cunning Jungash who dabble in such heinous acts including, but not limited to, torture, maiming, and masochism. Even though they are heartless creatures, they are still appreciated by their people and others int he galaxy for their abilities in assassination and stealth. Deathcallers are usually assassins, bounty hunters, and rogues.


  • Diet: Omnivorous. Jungash can eat meat(raw or cooked), fruits, grains, dairy, and sweets. Vegetables have proven fatal in weaker Junga.

  • Communication: Verbal

  • Culture:

    Spiritwalkers: The spiritwalkers live a life dedicated to the preservation of their people and they do so by living a life of religion. The Jungash religion is one that follows the same ideals as Shamanism except to the Jungash, shamanism is known as Spiritwalking hence the name of the green-skinned Jungash. Currently, the Spiritwalkers are the only confirmed race of the Jungash who are able to be Force-sensitive. Spiritwalkers are also similar to the Shapers of Kro Var considering they use their force abilities to summon the powers of nature against their enemies while also providing healing to their allies.In Jungash culture, the Spiritwalkers are the religious leaders of society.

  • Bladehands: The Bladehands live a life of strength and battle.From the day they become a young adult, they are sent to the Bladehand Academy of War to be trained into fighting machines. The Bladehand motto is “If it can kill you, you can kill it first.” and each Bladehand lives by that code. The Bladehands are admired throughout the entire Confederacy thanks to their loyalty and vigor

  • Deathcallers: Where the Spiritwalkers are the magic,and the Bladehands are the sword, the Deathcallers are the dagger and poison. Deathcallers, upon birth, take on a hefty burden of becoming one of the most deceptive and cunning creature on two legs. Deathcallers have no fears and only care for two things: the Jungash and the shadows. The Deathcallers are a race of agile cutthroats and assassins that the Warchief utilizes to the best of their abilities.

  • Technology level: Adapting to technology (Thanks to MC intervention)

  • General behavior: The Jungash are very loyal to all of their allies and are a very open culture. Although, they do not appreciate others trying to change them or push them into a new age. They barely accepted aid in advancing technologically from the Confederacy but, thanks to the Warchief’s better nature, they willingly agreed. When in battle, the Jungash are very brutal, cold, and vicious. Bladehands hack and slash their way through the frontlines of armies, Spiritwalkers keep their allies healed while calling forth the elements to aid them, and the Deathcallers slip past the frontlines and head straight for enemy commanding officers. Jungash are open to other species wishing to learn about their culture as well.

  • History:

  • 0 ABY - The Jungash Warchief speaks to a strange traveler. The Jungash learn Galactic Basic from the traveler.

  • 500 ABY - The Jungash are hit hard by the Gulag Virus. Almost 40% of the population are infected, half of those die. The Jungash split into three tribes after infighting.

  • 835 ABY - The Unification War - With the Gulag Virus subsided, the Chieftain of the Spiritwalkers, Nar'khan, begins the Unification War to re-unify the Jungash.

  • 836 ABY - The Unification War ends. The Jungash are brought back into a single entity.

Notable Player-Characters: N/A

Intent: To give all of the WoW players facesto roleplay as that they are familiar with.
Just so you know, @[member="Nar'khan"] You do not have to post species in this forum for us to approve. It is only Tech as in weapons, armor, and vehicles that are needed.
I think the reason why it was posted here was for community feedback. While it's only mandatory for us to have peer review on our technology submissions, it never hurts to get some opinions from friends. :)


Genesis Rostu said:
I think the reason why it was posted here was for community feedback. While it's only mandatory for us to have peer review on our technology submissions, it never hurts to get some opinions from friends. :)
This. :)
Nar'khan said:
Technology level: Adapting to technology (Thanks to CIS intervention)
You may want to elaborate more on what is currently their level of tech as someof it will stay the same even if they join the CIS. You don't have to but I would recommend that you do.
For the strengths and weaknesses you may need to balance out the power there. as there are only two weaknesses and five strengths. Think of possible situations where this race would not be good at, Say flying a ship because of their low tech.

I am not saying that you have to do this, but it would be easier to get accepted if there was more info on it.

Daxton Bane

I agree with the suggestions. I would make them superstitious, afraid of advance tech. Let them focus on more melee weapons than ranged.