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Jorge Mek


A Loveable Lowlife
~{The Misguided Lowlife}~

NAME: Jorge Mek

FACTION: "Unaffiliated"

RANK: Freelance Smuggler


AGE: 26 years old

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'9"

WEIGHT: 163 Ibs

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Dark Brown

SKIN: Caucasian

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, but does not know it yet.



  • Jorge is exceptional in the art of persuasion.
  • Jorge has the uncanny ability to read people.
  • Jorge has a strong sense of constitution.
  • Jorge knows his way around a blaster.
  • Screw 12 parsecs Jorge could run the Kessel Run in 10 if he wanted to.
    ​[Meaning he's a coordinated pilot, with a versatile ship.]

  • When it comes down to fighting hand to hand, Jorge isn't that strong. [He usually has to talks his way out of things.]
  • Jorge can barely handle a fight with fists, then you go and bring melee weapons into the situation and Jorge might as well already be dead!
  • Tends to act more mature than he really is.
    ​Which leads to him being a little over confident.



Jorge grew up on Tatooine. He lived in the outskirts surrounding Mos Eisley with his Mother and Father. Around the age of six, his father began to stop working for his family and became a drunkard. Jorge's father would usually come home from the local Cantina and repeatedly declare to Jorge; "You should already be taking care of both your mother and yourself. I've done enough for this family!" At the age of seven Jorge's father had become so numb to reality that he completely stopped thinking about the consequences of his drunken decisions. One day Jorge's father was given the opportunity to get out of debt and feed his family. He was blinded by lucid dreams of winning his wife back and supporting the family once more. He was surely mistaken when his wife found out that the deal had consisted of selling their son to some scrappers for a few credits.

The damage was done and Jorge was now a shiphand on a freighter heading out into the farthest reaches of the galaxy. As Jorge grew up on the freighter, he learned how the galaxy flowed. He learned about the Galactic Alliance and their stand against the Galactic Empire. He heard legends of the Sith and the Jedi, and the battle between good and evil.

Jorge eventually grew old enough to realize that his life didn't have to be limited to the freighter and the many stories that were thrown around the crew quarters. When he was fourteen he snuck off the freighter and set out to make his a story of his own. Jorge wandered the streets of Upper city Taris until he found a place he could call home. Jorge had come across an abandoned apartment down in the middle city, from there everyday Jorge would go looking for food and bring it back to his hideout at night.

It took a year for this cycle to come to an end, eventually Jorge found the Upper City cantina and had now gotten himself into a new world. This cantina wasn't just any cantina, it was famous for the duels that took place there in its dueling ring. Jorge at the age of fifteen entered for his first duel as the Mysterious Stranger, no one cared about his age only as long as he put up a good show. The Hutt that set up the duel must've felt pity for Jorge, because Jorge ended up winning the duel easily, it only took a few shots from his blaster for the opponent to go down. Even though the match was rigged the "Mysterious Stranger" was a hit with the people of Taris and Jorge started saving up enough money to get off of Taris.

After winning and losing many duels Jorge had saved up enough money to buy a used HWK-290 light freighter. Jorge was seventeen when he left Taris in the dust and set off to return to Tatooine. When Jorge arrive he learned of his parents death, Jorge's father was killed by stormtroopers after he got drunk and killed Jorge's mother. Jorge had only returned to Tatooine for his mother, but now that there was nothing for him on tatooine he decided it was time to leave everything behind. Jorge sold his HWK-290 and bought a YT-2400 Light Freighter and a T7-01 Astromech Droid to co-pilot the new freighter. Jorge took his new possessions and left Tatooine behind, soon after he got into smuggling and he's been at it ever since.



NAME: The Dusty Sparrow

MANUFACTURER: The Corellian Engineering Corporation / The CIS

LINE: YT-Series

MODEL: YT-2400

CLASS: Unique Light Freighter



  • 2 Quad Laser Cannon Turrets
  • 2 Concussion Missile Launchers


NAME: A180-1 Reconfigurable Blaster Pistol

MANUFACTURER: BlasTech Industries/Jorge Mek

MODEL: A180-1

TYPE: Reconfigurable Blaster Pistol

INFO: Has the advantage of reconfiguring into a Blaster Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Ion Cannon.

More. [Actual Submission]



NAME: S-19/B [Lovingly called: Trashcan.]

SERIES: S-Series



CLASS: 2nd Degree Astromech


Segway is prone to tipping over, because he has only one wheel and that makes him very unstable.

A S19 could become a mobile shield generator by removing the astrogation buffer and holorecorder and installing a shield generator.

If you reinforce the S19, gut the internals, and install a small gravity well generator the droid could be used to prevent enemies from clear shots.
[Only had to use this trick once, Mr. Trashcan was very upset.]




KILLS: Haven't gotten around to it.

BOUNTIES COLLECTED: 0 Bounties collected.

ROLE-PLAYS: Just a few job's here and there.