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Joker's take all (Battle Royale)


The endless need for violence has always been at an all time high and the galactic factions have always needed a way to curve their members blood lust, while the galactic wars wage and the galaxy is being ravaged and torn apart there are those that try and make a difference. This day is no different, blood has always been drawn and drained, while life has always been taken yet one lone figure stands tall and bright in a galaxy fractured.

The lone figure donned with raven hair and grey eyes watches as the lone lucrehulk she somehow was able to procure for the lords of the fringe sits idly at Endor watching over the world and in it's own right in the process of it's refit for new weaponry, as the ship sits idly at the planet Isis Fontana aka Darth Menace contemplates what type of weaponry she wants to put in the ship when the comms device goes off, two days ago she put word in with the lowest scum of a Battle Royale she was to offer for contestants to test their battle skills in a no death, injury based contest of combat readiness.... the battle field is the ship she is on now, and for now the contestants have a free pass into fringe space to take out their frustrations on each other for a chance to secure the very ship Isis now stands upon.

Isis walks confidently over to the comms device and activates the device and waits for it to tell her the news of the offering, once it flashes the message her face dons a smirk and she puts it back and looks to the space around the lucrehulk waiting for the combatants to arrive so the fight can start, what they don't know is the whole ship will be their battle field and so their own skills will truly be tested and their bodies will be pushed to the limit as they go against each other in a free-for-all battle of skills.

(OOC Note: Let's take our time with this peoples, in about a week I'll have the modified lucrehulk app up for the approval for the battle royale prize... so let's take a while to get this completed)
When Xardus received a call from Isis about some sort of arena battle, of course he knew he would have to be part of it. First, he wanted to test his skills. Sure, he had spent endless hours training, studying, and practicing in the many arts of the force, but he still needed a challenge worthy of his experience. First of all, he promised himself he wouldn't use force enlightenment unless he absolutely had no other choice. Recently, no matter how good he got at it, it always left him drained of energy, leaving him defenseless. He wasn't worried though. Yes, he was confident that he could mop the floor with any challengers who came against him. Not that he was being cocky, he was just that good. Picking up his communicator, he paged the sith lord. "Hey beautiful, long time no see. I'm about a few minutes from your nearest docking bay."

@[member="Isis Fontana"]
A Lucrehulk.

I would be very happy to own a Lucrehulk.

An unmarked Stormhammer heavy fighter settled into the huge vessel's docking bay, and Jorus Q. Merrill emerged. From the fighter's service hatch he procured a scarred, double-barrelled, break-action, eight-gauge shotgun with a metal stock, an ancient Mandalorian Shell Gun. He'd carried the antique for years now, and needed no other weapon.

If he'd had that gun the day he fought Darth Menace and Shinju Ayasha, maybe they wouldn't have had the chance to torture him.

Shotgun over his shoulder, he made for the bridge.
I pulled my Eta Axis interceptor into the hull of the Lucrehulk. The black fighter starship was once owned by my father however now, I had painted my family crest on the wings. and purple lines lined the cabin of the ship. The legs came out and softly landed with a clink on the ground surface. I grabbed my white helm and placed it on my head. the HUD coming on with a neon green color. The dark interor of my ship was lit up with the green eye slits that projected the eerie light. The top opened up with a beep of my old blue R2 unit.

I nodded my head at him without saying a word. The blue astrodroid knew what to do. Nobody touches the ship. If they do, my com link would go off alerting me. I walked with all of my weapons that I could have. Despair hung on my back as it was slightly over my left shoulder. On my belt was my Shocksaber and my two white sabers. I grabbed my GH-44 pistol from my thigh holster Checking that it was loaded I replaced it back in the black leather shape. I walked down from the hangar bay up some ramps to the main bridge where everybody would be meeting. I wore no cloak, making me feel naked without the sound of the flapping that was caused from it. However the loin cloth that fell on both sides of the armor made up some of that. Though it could hardly be heard over the thrumming of my boots on the floor.

Walking onto the bridge I looked over to the woman who was making everybody meet here. @[member="Isis Fontana"]. I spoke as my voice sounded in its deep tone that I had been familiar with for years. "You called Sith." It was no question it was a simple statement. She had sent out a call for people to come and fight in a battle royal. I smiled as these were entertainment for some, an exsersize for others. But for me It would be both.
@[member="Jorus Merrill"], @[member="Xardus Folidaar"]
The prize was beyond his imagining, what he would even do with it was simply beyond him. Of course he also had no illusions of winning the prize. What he did however have was the need for more training and the continual growth of his skills. As such he found himself approaching the dock of the massive ship on board a chartered vessel which would be leaving him there. It seems for the return trip he'd be needing to hitch a ride or find the nearest escape pod.

He had his usual set of gear for this fight, and while none of it was top notch custom tech it had served him well so far. His legionnaire combat armor, his IWS with the added grenade launcher, a decent vibrosword and his phrick shield. His strategy was simple, it was a battle royal simply let everyone beat the life out of each other and survive till the end. It was a chance to learn as much as anything else.

As he approached the bridge he recognized the one man and simply gave him a nod. As for the other two he was clueless but was pretty sure the woman was their host for this competition. He was out of place, out gunned and in truth out classed. That was what made the whole trip worth it.

@[member="Darren Shaw"]​
@[member="Jorus Merrill"]​
@[member="Xardus Folidaar"]​
@[member="Isis Fontana"]​
Isis had received a call from one of her old students while standing guard over the ship, as she rested her sights on the comm link she opened up the channel and responded in clear dedication to her own status and with a more authoritarian tone of voice Xardus, nice to see you're still kicking... come here and see me, I wanted to catch up... she said and then ended the link and stared out the view port as two ships emerged from hyperspace and docked with the lucrehulk.

Isis allowed a sinister smirk to betray her clam minded demeanor and then waited for the two would-be opponents to enter into the bridge of the lucrehulk, she was wearing this day a pair of mesh-nylon armroweave pants that were form fitting and tight, she wore a pair of high heeled knee high combat boots with a form fitting atheletic turtle neck tank top, her usual saberstaff was attached to a specially designed hilt on her back with her dual recon rogue blaster pistols on attached to her leg holsters and her dual sabers on her hips...she has her hair done up with 12 zenji needles waiting to be used.

As the dark jedi master came in she smirked and waited with her back to him knowing if he attacked she would sense it due to her strength with sensing the actions of others, she would know it before he even did most likely, her short stint within the jedi allowed her to focus on what's more important and focus on what she needed to to find meaning and truth in life, she once again returned to being a sith and this life is one she truly represents.... at one time she would have been cool with being called a Jedi but that life had been over for a long while now and as it is she dared not delve into it again, her only enemies are the jedi and their miserable republic so to call herself one again is like telling a a krayt dragon it can't rampage ever again, it's just not able to be done.

Without turning to him she responds to @[member="Darren Shaw"] and responds to his inquiry with a more discernible commanding voice Darren Shaw, nice to see you... I have indeed called you here. but we will wait till everyone shows up before I speak to any of you further she replies and leaves it at that, then another ship docked and in strode a male zabrak...the whole time her attention was to the viewport.
@Darren Shaw
@Jorus Merrill
@Xardus Folidaar
On the grand scale of things, when a two hundred year old Sith Master was looking for you, as well as half the bounty hunters that were looking for a quick and wealthy retirement, coming out of hiding was probably the last thing that should have been done. Yet there was only so long, that Mia Monroe could remain cooped up in a cloaked ship drifting from place to place. Not that the Bard's company wasn't pleasant, but Mia had become restless and there only so much steam one could burn on a small ship with one man.

It had taken some time to persuade Rel to dock the cloaked ship on one of the docking bays and let her go and play. This wasn't about winning the ship for Mia, this was simply about hitting people and getting hit. Hands rested idly on the hilts of her two blaster pistols, beskad sheathed at her back she moved without haste through the corridors, passing other docking bays her senses tingling with anticipation. Rounding the corner eyes settled on the back of @[member="Jorus Merrill"]. She caught up with him as they reached the bridge.

"Please don't shoot those stupid rounds in my vicinity today." she quipped in a low voice as she moved into the room. Eyes settled on Darren Shaw and she clicked her tongue in distaste.

The man who had let her rot.

"This is going to be an interesting day."

Teron Mindrak

Teron piloted his ship into the Hanger of the Lucrehulk. He saw four other ships there, which meant he had at least four people to fight, maybe more. He began to walk towards the bridge.

Arriving at the bridge he saw a man with a shotgun @[member="Jorus Merrill"], a zabrak @[member="Sargon Vynea"], another heavily armed man @[member="Darren Shaw"], a female who carried dual pistols @[member="Mia Monroe"], and the sith, @[member="Isis Fontana"] who had arranged everything. He was poorly armed compared to the rest of the group, carrying only a pistol and vibrosword and what few Force powers he possessed. He walked up to the group and stopped, not saying a word to any of them, just waiting for instructions.
Smirking lightly, Xardus continued to the space station and docked in one of it's hangars. Once he had successfully docked, he grabbed his robe, a darker shade of brown than normal due to it's dirtiness, and walked outside. Apparently, he was to meet Isis at the command deck, so that's where he headed. On his way, he imagined the opponents he would be facing. Possibly a few low mercenaries who thought they had a chance. What he was not expecting was to see his master, another force user of serious power, and others of equal value. His smirk quickly disappeared from his face as he walked up to the group. "Hello, Darren", he said to the dark Jedi. "And... what are you doing here?"

@[member="Teron Mindrak"]@[member="Mia Monroe"]@[member="Isis Fontana"]@[member="Sargon Vynea"]@[member="Darren Shaw"]@[member="Jorus Merrill"]
I smiled as Xardus entered the room. He was very surprised to see me here. "And you think I'm some hermit? No I get out every so often to have my fun." I walked over to him "Did you find what you were looking for?" I asked in a whisper. Last time we met I had given him a green cross that would lead him to the Templars. I didnt know if he had made it as I had been doing other things for a while.

When I looked up I saw @[member="Mia Monroe"]. My heart stopped for a second as the last time we had seen eachother, I had left her in the hands of Daxton Bane. At the time the Sith was a person that was considered Insane. Now as I had worked with the former sith, he had leveled out slightly. I only looked at her for a second as I knew that she may gun for me in the battle for leaving her there. held one finger up to show that I would be back in a minute. I walked over to Mia and stood beside her. Quiet at first I spoke. "As much as I would have wanted to take you from Daxton, I didn't have the power to. Blame me if you must, but don't gun after me for it when I could do nothing."
@[member="Xardus Folidaar"]
@[member="Mia Monroe"]

Jorus' cybernetic eyes scanned the room. "Oh, I've got better targets in mind." He chucked his chin at their host. "Wouldn't mind a shot at Menace over there. An' that's Shaw, packed up and left the Vagrant Fleet for the Confeds the day Rostu killed twenty Vagrants. The Zabrak over there, I hear tell he's with Fringe. Real rogues' gallery around here. Bet there's some decent bounty mon-"

He cut off as Darren Shaw approached and spoke his piece. Daxton. Now that was a name he knew. Said a lot about the girl beside him, too.

Fethin' Confederates.

Jorus adjusted the ammo belt around his hips. Its contents looked like normal eight-gauge shotgun shells, and probably cost as much as everything else in this room put together, plus pocket change like Shaw's hair dye and Isis Fontana's hourly rate. He said nothing.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Endor, deep in the heart of Fringe space, was -- all things considered -- a pretty decent place for Isis to run her game. And just in case anyone thought otherwise, in interventionist terms, well, there happened to be a good-sized Fringe fleet elsewhere in the system. Just in case.

The Dark Master was paying very, very close attention.
"Yes, I did actually." Xardus felt the cross still in one of the deeper pockets of his robe. "The Templars are an interesting group. I joined and became a seeker." He would tell Darren about his first mission later. At the moment, Isis was about to tell them all the rules of the fight. He watched as his old master stole a few glances at a woman who had joined them there. What he had told her made no sense to him, but of course he didn't know the whole story. Perhaps another tale for another time.

@[member="Darren Shaw"] @[member="Mia Monroe"] @[member="Isis Fontana"]
Mia smirked "Heard about Rostu, that was a mess. General made a fool of himself in the following press conference. Osik.." the last word slipped out as a whisper as Darren approached. The smirk vanished, her expression hardened and fingers tightened about the hilt of one pistol and she removed it smoothly from its holster and pressed the barrel against Darren's throat. Keeping him at arms length. "Don't you even..."

How dare he stand there and apologise to her. He had bowed to Moridin. He had watch Daxton take her and done nothing. Powerless had nothing to do with it. Cowardice, dishonour that had everything to do with it. "Hut'uun." she kept her voice low "I am not here to delve into my past, but I will not hesitate to kill you if you try to talk to me again."

The blaster, remained very firmly pressed against his throat leaving him with one very clear and sensible option, and that was to walk away.
Isis felt the aggression in the room and began to bask in it and use it to radiate her own inner conflict yet as the sith dark lady stood here she decided to finally talk to her underlings and combatants about the mission at hand, which was the battle itself, as she turned around she watched as this mandolorian female held the dark jedi master at gun pointed and cleared her throat loud enough for everyone to hear her and to gain the notice of them and then she smirked at them all before beginning.

Glad to have all of you here, I hope you all are well fitted for the battle that is soon to come?

she then paid close attention to them for a moment and watched their movements and waited for the mandolorian in the room to put her futile weapon away. Isis was one to forgive such an incident but should it become a problem in her command room she would utilize the time to further train her crushing abilities and use this eager woman as the test subject.

Please don't use violence yet, this is to be a calm room

she then looked over them all while walking to the side and smirking even more at her former student before resting her hands behind her folded in a commanding position.

As you may know this is the first ever galactic battle royale, I have summoned you here as contestants to battle it out for an option to take a prize... The prize is none other than this ship

she then rested her voice for a moment and observed them before continuing, when she felt everything was calmer she continued while observing them During this battle you will be placed in shield controlled cells, due to the placement of you all you will have a specific time to be let out and begin battle...once you are out the entire ship becomes your playground for combat.

she then looked to the guards that walked into the room and nodded when one approached and then took the moment to finish up My special forces will show you to your cells, please friends do not worry I won't be trapping any of you anywhere, it's merely to add to the entertainment and fun for everybody she then turned her back on them all and waited for them to be placed in their cells for the fun to begin.

@[member="Mia Monroe"] @[member="Xardus Folidaar"] @[member="Ashin Varanin"] @[member="Jorus Merrill"] @[member="Darren Shaw"] @[member="Teron Mindrak"] @[member="Sargon Vynea"]
I smiled as the woman pressed the blaster to my neck. Forcing me to breath harder. I could feel her strength as she was just on the edge of letting loose. he words were forceful. She may think that I was not sincere about what I was saying. When it was the truth. The past I was stupid and naive. I bowed down to him as I wanted to find my mother. At the time, I had not cared about anyone else other than my mother. I kissed ass so I could get my mother, and I was not ashamed. I took another step forwards pressing harder "Good, Then we shall see if you can really hold up in battle or fall.... Again." I looked at the man that she was talking to. I had not seen him before, but something was pressing at my mind about his face. I let it slide this time.

I took a step back and bowed with so much sarcasm. "In fact, Manda, I wish to some extent that you did pull that trigger, but thats for a later date." I walked backwards as I watched her. I turned around to stand beside @[member="Xardus Folidaar"] Nodding at a good job that he had done. And not once during @[member="Isis Fontana"]'s speech did I look back. There was no need to look at trash. From there I followed the guards to my cell.
Jorus slipped a small tracker into Mia's non-blaster-toting hand; he carried a similar one. Each had a simple direction-finder on it, oriented towards the other one. "Just in case I happened to find a friend here," he said with a shrug, watching Daxton walk away.

When the soldiers came in, he went with them, without incident.
Walking next to the woman who had aimed her gun at Darren's head, Xardus figured he would ask her about it. "What's with you and Darren? I mean, not that it's my business or anything." He watched the man, who was a few paces behind them. Sure, he could be stubborn, but to get someone to hate him that much? That was interestng.

@[member="Darren Shaw"] @[member="Isis Fontana"] @[member="Mia Monroe"]
Mia holstered her blaster as Darren walked away, letting out a breath she wasn't even aware she had been holding, her anger bubbling beneath the surface at the slant. A lot had changed since The fight on Byss. She had escaped Daxton, she had become Mand'alor, she had defended Keldabe against the sith, extended the reach of her people and taken on the memories of a two hundred year old with lord.

She would not fall again.

Hand closed over the tracker. "Always good to have a friend." she muttered in response, turning to leave with the guards when Xardus addressed her. She gave him a cold and hard look.

"None of your business." she replied curtly before allowing herself to be led away to her cell. An idea she was far from comfortable with.

Teron Mindrak

Cells. . . Fun. . . For Everybody? Teron certainly didn't like the idea of being trapped in one and did not consider it fun. What if she didn't let them out to fight? What if she captured them instead? He reluctantly followed the guards towards his cell, clearly not happy about the idea. But then again, what was he worth to her? He didn't have a bounty on him, he wasn't allied with anyone, so maybe it was okay afterall. But the idea did little to reassure him as he was taken away.

@[member="Mia Monroe"] @[member="Xardus Folidaar"] @[member="Jorus Merrill"] @[member="Darren Shaw"] @[member="Isis Fontana"]

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