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Suspect Description:

Imperial Academic Dropout

Designated: Joji "Mr. Sunshine" Hakku

Gender: Male
Race: Atrisian
Weight: 166 LBS
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Brown, cut short
Complexion: Medium
Build: Slender
Age: 25
Force Sensitive: Negative
Functions: Small-arms/tactical prodigy
Physical Level: A
Mental Level: A
Known Associates: Neo-Atrisian Triad

Joji Hakku is a drug dealer as well as an arms dealer for a small-scale criminal organization dealing in Atrisian politics and the belief system of racial pride. He is wanted for the death of hundreds, if not thousands within the deeper, now quarantined levels of Coruscant's underworld. What was believed to be a drug deal was in fact found to be a ploy for distributing a viral agent under the label of "Blackwing". Joji is believed to have escaped and is hiding somewhere beyond the planet of Coruscant itself. This message will be broadcasted to all core cities.

He is highly intelligent, extremely skilled in combat and very agile. Do not attempt to apprehend him or engage him. He should not be approached under any circumstances. He is to be considered extremely dangerous. If you see him, alert law enforcement immediately.


To Be Continued

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