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Jiaa Sol

Rhoan Altheas


Social Information
  • Name: Jiaa Sol
  • Alias: N/A
  • Titles: N/A
  • Homeworld: Dromund Kaas
  • Living Situation: Wandering around the galaxy
  • Sexuality: (?)
  • Martial Status: Single
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • Force Rank: Apprentice
  • Force Alignment: Ashlan-Bogan mix
  • Voice Sample: Art Parkinson
Physical Information
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 8 GSY
  • Height: 1.09 metres
  • Weight: 24 kilograms
  • Eye Colour: Roman Silver
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin Pigmentation: Caucasian
Affiliated with
  • Himself



+ Quey'tek - A practitioner of the ancient art of Quey'tek meditation, Jiaa is capable of hiding his Force Signature from others, allowing him to pose as a non-force user for as long as he neglects to call upon the Force.
+ True Neutral - Neither wholly light or dark, following a more liberal Jensaarai path, Jiaa keeps himself well focused in the Force and refuses to stray to either extreme.
~ Well Rounded - He excels with neither lightsaber nor Force ability, simply put he is average in his abilities yet this also means he has no gaping flaws in his training.
- Paranoia - His upbringing left him shaken, he feels as if his Father's men are everywhere, still attempting to drag him to the Sith, and sees their faces in every stranger he meets.
- Jyn Sol - He is a lost soul, looking for his only anchor in the Galaxy: his sister. He would do whatever it took to find her and 'keep her safe'.


Early Beginnings
Jiaa was born to a high ranking military officer within the Sith Empire upon the Capital world of Dromund Kaas. At a young age his older sister, Jyn, was sent away to join the Sith Academy upon Korriban, rendering the young boy isolated at home and at the mercy of his Father who had recently lost his beloved wife. Abhorring the sight of his son, who like his sister held the same purple gaze as his beloved, Jiaa's Father pushed him into the arms of doting and possessive nursery maids and had little to do with the boy. Upon hearing of his daughters disappearance from Korriban, however, he began to see more of his son to try and groom him to take her place within the Empire upon finding out his Force Sensitivity. But Jiaa did not want to conform, he had seen how cruel his Father could be and knew that after his sister had been sent away she had never returned, nor had anyone ever really mentioned or heard from her again. Refusing to follow the same fate, which he believed had been the death of her, the boy fled their middle-class home in hopes of finding something better on the streets of Dromund Kaas and beyond with the assistance of one Jonas Vile.

But the pair parted ways a few years later, when Jonas decided instead that the Fel Empire was his place to be. The young boy adapted to life on his own, and followed the old teachings of the Jensaarai which Jonas had begun to teach him, searching the Galaxy for further knowledge, lore, training and most importantly other Jensaarai. His searching ultimately failed, however, leaving him stranded. Instead his searching turned to more pressing matters: Jyn, the Sister he had lost. Where was she? He made it his new mission to find her, at whatever cost.

Notable Force Powers
  • [Novice] Telekinesis
  • [Novice] Force Jump
Notable Skills
  • [Fluent] Galactic Basic Standard - being a human and a typical member of the galaxy, Jiaa is fluent in the language of them, being better in any other language.


Please note that all former roleplays have been incorporated into the history of this character, owed to the fact that the character has changed hands to a new writer.


Rhoan Altheas

  • [Human] [Sister] [member="Jyn Sol"] - Jyn is extraordinarily important to Jiaa as she is his only anchor in the galaxy. He can't keep living without being with her and thus, he has vowed to find her some day.
  • [Human] [Half-Brother] [member="Levia Sol"] - Levia is a person Jiaa does not know much about, but there is a chance he'll meet him some time in the future.
  • [Human] [Sister] [member="Kyra Sol"] - even though Kyra is yet another sister of Jiaa's, he doesn't need her as much as he needs Jyn. Thus, at the moment, Jiaa doesn't know much about where Kyra is or what she could be doing.