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Jez Palabor profile
Name: Jez Palabor
Faction: Third Galactic Empire
Rank: Inquisitorius trainee
Species: Human
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Height: 5'00 ft
Weight: 103 lb
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Black
Skin: Pale
Force Sensitive: She is force sensitive.

Strengths and Weaknesses: She is a strong, powerful, young girl, but is also really shy. You could describe her as quiet, cold, mean, and pessimistic. Also, she is analytical and detail-oriented. Watch out, Jez is manipulative and evil. Her main weakness is her shyness, but she has a secret weakness she always tries to hide. Jez Palabor strives for acceptance. It could majorly impact her decisions if you take advantage of this fact. The only strengths she has, is well, her strength! She can also charm others with her cute appearance.
Appearance: Her long, wavy, raven black hair goes halfway down her back. She has no bangs, and as a result of her timidness; hides behind her hair. On her back right below her neck is a birthmark in the shape of a star. She looks a little younger than she actually is. When Jez gets angry, her eyes turn a deep blood red.
Biography: She was born in Brentaal to a wealthy family. Her dad is a political leader and her mom is a casino owner. Jez is very close with her family and checks back with them when she gets the chance. One day, she had a bad incident with her mom when she broke her parent's one rule they had established, to never go out of the house without asking.
The one time that she went out was to visit her friend, Nee who was the son of a pilot. Jez had to ask Nee about something in the galaxy that she knew her parents wouldn't know about. That thing was the map of the galaxy. When she came back her mom, Kalinder, just reprimanded her and she knew to never do something like that again. She was 7 at the time and was just very curious. Eventually, 6 years later, she decides to have Nee take her to Kamino, as he was training to be a pilot per his dad. She wanted to go to Kamino as she was interested in the environment of the planet. When she was there she met a squadron of the Third Galactic Empire. (Rp starts here)
Ship: N/A
Kills: N/A
Bounties Collected: N/A

Roleplays: N/A
Theme Song:
Tropes: Tiny Tyrannical Girl, Lonely Rich Kid, Face of an Angel Mind of A Demon, I just want to Be Loved

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