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Jerad Mal

Jerad Mal

NAME: Jerad Mal





AGE: 38

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 6'3"

WEIGHT: 179 lbs.

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Black

SKIN: Black




  • Great with Guns - Jerad is highly skilled in the use of guns. Give him a sniper and he can most likely hit the target. Give him a rifle and he'll be fast enough to get the enemy. Give him a shotgun and he can get close enough to the enemy to blast them away.
  • Verily Vibro - Jerad can use vibroblades/melee weapons, and he can use them well. He's not as skilled as someone that trained their whole life, like a Jedi, but he can still give them at least a little bit of a challenge.
  • Heart in the right place... - Jerad may not seem it at first glace, but he truly cares for people he perceives as good. He'd probably give his life for a friend/ally. He also likes to do what he likes because he likes to have fun.
  • ...Head? Not so much - Jerad isn't a very smart individual. He isn't stupid, but if he was in charge of making a plan or doing diplomacy, let's just say it would end pretty badly.
  • Piloting 101 for dummies - Jerad is absolutely terrible at piloting. But the thing is, he doesn't even think he's half bad because he somehow survived flying into a blackhole. He just doesn't know it was complete luck that got him out of there.

Tall muscular black guy.
Never seen without at least one gun on him, even if it's just a pistol. Usually seen with a shotgun strapped to him on a bandolier. Also usually a vibroblade too.


Jerad Mal was born and raised on Corellia. His parents ran a transportation business, and when Jerad grew up they told him they wanted to work in the family business. But while other kids he kenw were learning the trade, Jerad was off pretending to be an awesome soldier. So when he was old enough, his parents offered him a position in the business, but he refused and became a mercenary-for-hire.

Jerad spent several years throughout the outer-rim selling his time and skill for soldier work, and with enough time his skills were rising. And soon enough he was pretty good at soldiering skills. But there were a few skills he didn't really excell at. Like Piloting. He could never really tell the difference between the forward and backward thrusters. He was just really bad at that skill.

For example on how bad he was at piloting, one day Jerad was hired by a merchant ship captain to provide security since the ship had been attacked by pirates several times. So Jerad and a few other mercenaries were there, and then the pirates showed up. They boarded the merchant ship, and the mercenaries engaged them. Unfortunately though, the pirates overwhelmed them and pushed them back to several different parts of the ship. Jerad was trapped in the bridge with a few of the merchants, but they were all pretty badly wounded by the pirates, so it was up to Jerad to fly the ship. Things started out fine, until *somehow* Jerad found his way to a blackhole. The ship was sucked into the void, and it was torn apart, but somehow the section Jerad was in flinged back out of the hole. A week later another merchant ship found the section of ship floating along and they gave him a ride to the nearest habited planet.

Yet, Jerad was very proficient in the use of guns and blades. So skilled to the point that he got the attention of a hutt crimelord who hired him to be his right-hand man. He learned to speak Huttese from that situation, and he continued to gain skill in his prefered soldier skills. But there was always something missing for him. He liked doing soldier work, but he didn't care about the credits he made as a mercenary. He wanted to make a difference, if even for just one person. So he left the hutt's employment and began a search for a job where he could be a soldier but also make a difference.

You'd better hope he never has a ship of his own.





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