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Jaster Ordo

Jaster Ordo

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NAME: Jaster Ordo
FACTION: Mandalorian
RANK: Mandalorian Bounty hunter/ mercenary
AGE:/ 28
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6 foot two inches, 1.9 meters
WEIGHT: 215 pounds 97.5 kilos
EYES: changes, but mostly hazel
HAIR: Dark brown
SKIN: light tan
FORCE SENSITIVE: not force sensitive

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Strengths:Deadeye, very accurate with his blasters. iron-willed, will rarely fold due to fear. very physically strong. battle tactician, very good at strategizing during combat.
Weaknesses: Slow, leg crippled during a battle with the Echani that killed his family. extreme trust with anyone mandalorian. Will do whatever he can to help a fellow mandalorian. slow to trust anyone that isn’t mandalorian. Greedy, will do a great deal in order to make a profit. extreme hatred of Echani, for the murder of his family

Jaster has very broad shoulders, and arms that are large and strong. He is covered from head to toe in mandalorian battle armor. His armor is an evergreen color, with with two mandalorian heavy blasters at his hip. across his back is slung is a Beskad. If you were to see his left leg outside of his battle armor you would notice a large scar running across his knee cap.

Born on Mandalore, Jaster was raised for war. trained at a young age for combat, Jaster was the only one in his immediate family that liked combat. his mother, father, and two sisters thought that combat led to nothingness, and so when Jaster was fourteen, his family had decided to leave the planet in search for a more peaceful place. They moved to Tatooine, in the thought that they would be able to live in peace. But one day everything went wrong. An echani was looking for a fight, and stumbled upon his house. She had first attacked Jaster’s mother and sisters, slaughtering them without a bat of an eyelash. Jaster and his father, whom had gone into the nearby town for supplies, had reached the house in time to see this echani slay jaster’s mother. In an immense rage, His father charged at the murderer, and told Jaster to get inside and hide. Jaster did as he was told and ran inside, but did not hide. He instead went straight for the family heirloom, the Baskad that had been passed down for one hundred generations. But by the time he had reached his father and the attacker, his father was slain and the echani was still looking for blood. She charged at him, and Jaster fell back on his training. It was a glorious bout, nothing being given for either side. That is, until Jaster slid on the sand and the echani got a slice at his leg. Jaster’s knee burst with pain as his leg became useless. But Jaster was still full of rage for the slaughter of his kin, and he did not falter. As the echani relished her skillful strike, Jaster swung and connected with her right shoulder. The echani screamed in anguish, and fled. Jaster fell to the ground in sorrow and pain, and vowed at that moment to avenge his family and do whatever it takes in order to bring that Echani to justice. He hobbled to town, and fell at the door of a local magic man. This man would use some strange force to heal those of the village. It was said that this man had been in the village for countless generations, and appeared very old. this man fixed his knee to the best of his ability, but Jaster was still left with a crippling wound. He left the planet and started his search, never forgetting the face of the echani that changed his life forever. It was during his time in hutt space that he learned something, Those with money had power. Jaster had very little money, and could no longer afford to search. This is what drove him to bounty hunting. He was hired quickly soley for the fact that he was mandalorian. He grew his wealth and reputation quickly, and after nine years he returned to Mandalore to dawn his proper armor and weaponry. Jaster trained with the Madalorian army for five years, and was trained as a pilot. Jaster was so respected by his superiors that he was anything he wanted out of the armory. Jaster chose a suit of Madalorian battle armor, two heavy blaster pistols, and a heavy blaster repeating rifle. with these armaments, a large sum of money, and a reputation of a killer, Jaster continued his search for the echani. Once on the hunt again, he seemed it necessary that he get his own ship. On Correlia, he purchased an HWK-290 light freighter, and equipped it with a very fast hyperdrive system. Jaster thought that this ship would be exceptional at his task, and with a ship and a fire for vengeance Jaster went on the hunt for the scarred echani.

The start of something new: Jaster joined the silent hand, and is being readily used to aid the sindicate in its missions.


HWK-290 light freighter, very maneuverable, 29 meters long, no weapons, energy shields, improved hyperdrive, max. cargo of 150 tons, navigation system updated daily.

none, yet.

none, yet.

none to smuggle looking into the Promenade


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