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Approved Starship Jast Shredder

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  • Intent: To create a fast attack pack hunter for Naval Ops
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer:Jast Shipwright Co.
  • Model: Jast Shredder
  • Affiliation: Hala Jast/Open Market
  • Production: Limited
  • Material:Dursasteel, Quadanium Frame, Transpari-glass

  • Classification: Fast Attack Corvette
  • Length: 100M
  • Width: 30M
  • Height: 20M
  • Armament: High

  • 20x Repeater Missile Tubes- 5x Munitions Each (Buzz Droid/Concussion/Proton Toredo)
  • 5x- Repeater Ion Cannons
  • 5x- Repeater Kinetic Cannons (Chain-guns 30mm)

  • Defenses: Very Low
  • Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed Rating: High
  • Hyperdrive Class: 2

  • Escape Pods
  • Navi Computer
  • Shield Generator
  • Standard Sensor Suite
  • Standard Life support

  • Fast: The Jast Shredder is designed to be fast. As a result almost all her other systems were stripped. She is a fast attack Corvette with little room for other roles or equipment.

  • Heavy Rain: The Jast Shredder is a heavy hitter. Able to disgorge a ridiculous amount of missiles in a short time and follow it up with crippling Ion and Kinetic attacks, she is a great bludgeon to hit things with.


  • Watch my six: The rear of the vessel was stripped down to bar hull plating. The Shredder was not anticipated to be turning it's back to the enemy for long. A hit here or anywhere in the right location can ignite her magazines, causing a fireball of doom.

  • Bug out time!: The Shredder is designed to take damage, but not an excess amount. Once the shields go down there is not much in the way of defense. She also holds no anti missile or combat countermeasures. No Shields? Time to eject.

Description: In keeping with the tradition of designing small and vital support vessels the Engineers at Jast Shipwright Co. considered how could put the most fire power down range for the cheapest cost in material and lives. Thus the Jast Shredder was born. Stripped to it's bones except for basic vital systems and weapons she's a prickly pear. Fear would be the word a lone Captain might describe when she opens up.

But the Jast Shredder is a pack hunter, designed to swarm in head long and take down larger vessels or multiple targets like a hungry wolf pack. A bunch of these babies can put a real damper on any Admirals day, provided they are protected.

The drawback to such gifts is that once a Shredders shields go down it's time to get out of the fight and recoup, lest their crew find themselves in the big black expanse, or worse, exploded into a fireball.
[member="Hala Jast"]

This isn't balanced enough for a mass produced ship I'm afraid.

As a rule of thumb start with all stats as average. If you move something up a notch (eg average to moderate or moderate to high) drop another stat down a notch.

I can give an example outline for this ship, but it's probably best if you make the decision on how to tweak the profile.
[member="Raziel"] [member="Cira"]

There is no hangar and almost no defence besides a basic shield. Plus the hull is weak, which has ben illustrated in the writeup. That was the compromise.

I could link you this ship

Which has Very high, High, Low and Average, with a ton of features. With all due respect, I kinda feel as if I am being picked on here Raziel, TBH. I have not abused subs in the past. Why is it that only my subs are being unlocked and reviewed?

I would ask for a second opinion on this. From a factory Judge if possible.
[member="Hala Jast"]

That ship is unique. This is mass produced. Having no hangar on a 100m ship is not a weakness. Unique vessels are given more leeway on account of being very rare. Typically we allow a bump of one rating for each drop in production.

Please have another look at the starship templates again. The average hangar for a corvette is 0 squadrons. Have a look at the corvette templates and compare with your own ship.

You've put speed up 2 ratings, maneuverability up 1 and armaments up 2. In return you've only dropped defences by two ratings. This may be of interest

Here is the example heavy corvette:

Classification: Heavy Corvette
Length: 200m
Width: 70m
Height: 40m
Armament: High
30 Turbolasers
6 Warhead Launchers
4 Quad lasers
Defenses: Moderate
Hangar: 0 Squadrons
Maneuverability Rating: Low
Speed Rating: Very Low
Hyperdrive Class: 1

For your ship you could go limited production (PC and selected NPC pilots only) and have

Armament: High
Defenses: Very Low
Hangar: 0 Squadrons
Maneuverability Rating: Average
Speed Rating: High

You are not being picked on, I pulled several submission on secondary yesterday, however if you wish to ask for a second chance then this will be arranged. I pulled a number of ships out on secondary review yesterday.
[member="Hala Jast"]

Raziel said:
For your ship you could go limited production (PC and selected NPC pilots only) and have Armament: High Defenses: Very Low Hangar: 0 Squadrons Maneuverability Rating: Average Speed Rating: High

I'd be perfectly content with that profile at Limited Production. Otherwise one of the highs needs to come down to average (or to moderate with another suitable weakness added in)

Also the image seems to be broken to me now? Might be worth checking
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