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Approved Starship Jast 3 Freighter

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  • Manufacturer: Jast Shipwright Co.
  • Model: Freighter
  • Affiliation: Open Market
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Durasteel, Plexi Glass, Quadanium Frame
  • Classification: Freighter
  • Length: 400M
  • Width: 50M
  • Height: 25M
Armament: High

  • 20x- Rotary Blaster Cannons
  • 10X- Rapid Missile Tubes (20X Missile Munitions EA)
  • 2x-Rotary Ion Cannons
  • 10x Mini Guns
  • 12x Connor Nets
Defenses: Low

  • 1x Deflector Shield
  • Hangar: N/A
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: Moderate (1.0)

  • 1x Escape Pods
  • 4x TIE Engines (Salvaged)
  • 4x Tractor Beams
  • 40x Smugglers Hatches (Lead Shielded to prevent scans)
  • 1x Standard Sensor Suite
  • 1x Navi Computer
  • 1x Shield Generator

  • Heavy Arms: The Jast 3 is a fighter, able to hold it's own with Corvettes and Picket ships.
  • Super Modifiable: Tons of stuff was left basic or left out all together so folks could add, subtract and just tinker.
  • Slow: The Jast 3 is slower than its predecessors, not able to easily outrun other vessels.
  • Lower Defence: The extra space left for modification required that defence be lowered.

The Jast 3 was the equivalent of a larger Freighter, possibly a Starliner. Regardless Jast Shipwright Co. ripped off the design and left plenty of space for modifications. Some Captains wanna tinker and that’s ok.

She was put together way more solid than the rest of the Jast Series and happens to be a heavier hitter than the rest. The drawback is in it's speed, cargo space, and Defence.
Hala Jast said:
Slow: The Jast 3 is slower than its predecessors, not able to easily outrun other vessels.

Moderate in the template can be seen as "Above Average"

If you change all the Moderates in this submission to Average this will be approved.
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