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Jast 1 Freighter


  • Manufacturer: Jast Shipwright Co.
  • Model: Freighter
  • Affiliation: Open Market
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Dursasteel, Quadanium Frame, Transpari-glass
  • Classification: Freighter
  • Length: 100M
  • Width: 20M
  • Height: 10M
  • Armament: Low

  1. 1x-Rotary Blaster Cannon
  2. 1x-Ion Cannon
  3. 1x-Tractor Beam
  • Defenses: High!
  1. 2x- Shield Generators
  2. 1x- Reinforced hull plating
  3. 1x- Chaff Gun
  • Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very High
  • Speed Rating: Extreme
  • Hyperdrive Class: High 0.3 (0,5 Backup)

  • Escape Pods
  • Navi Computer
  • Twin Shield Generators
  • Four TIE Engines
  • 100x- Smugglers Hatches (Lead shielded to prevent scans)
  • Standard Sensor Suite
  • Standard Life support
  • 3x- Probe Droids
  • 1x Medical Droid

  • Fast: The Jast 1 is a fast, fast freighter. Most of her other systems are cut to make her fast as as the wind!
  • Manoeuvrability: The Jast 1 can turn, dodge and swivel her way through fields of asteroids, space battles and whatever else needs juking through.
  • Heavy D!: The Jast 1 is meant to take a beating. She can run a backup shield generator for when main shields go down. Combined with her Reinforced frame and Hull plating, this ship can really take it.
  • Highly Modifiable: Standard parts and multiple unused hard points make the Jast 1 a super modifiable ship.
  • Low Arms: As fast as the Jast 1 is, it's meant for running. The weapons on this ship can hold off a fighter, maybe a squadron but that's about it.
  • Rickety: You never know what's about to break. The Jast 1 is a freighter built of out of Salvage mostly. So it's up to the operator to keep her cobbled up.

When Jast Shipwright Co. convened, they needed a niche market to begin. since they were all former smugglers and Gun Runners most of their time had been spent dodging the law. Thus the Jast 1 was born.

The need for a vessel that could run fast, dodge incoming and haul a ton of goods as boon in any good smugglers arsenal. The Jast 1 was built around the theory, "Run and Live to Fight another day."

As such it was low on arms, even lower than a standard star-fighter. But for all it's shortcomings it can stash and run with a crap load of loot, and if it get's hit it can keep on going.

In addition it's a modifiable playground. Switch components at will, just make sure you got enough power for it all.

Just make sure to do spot welds and tweak the systems. Some of those salvaged wires might be.....ehhhhh, faulty.

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