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Jared Starchaser

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Jared Starchaser
NAME: Jared Starchaser
FACTION: Fringe/Empire of the Hand
RANK: Cadet
AGE: Twenty-six
SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 145lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Light tan, does his best to stay out-of-doors, however, being a Zero-G pilot has its down sides


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Driven
+ Natural Leader
+ Intelligent

- Uncreative
- Has something to prove
- Puts little faith in others’ abilities

- Pilot only, no soldier skills

Jared is pretty typical looking, pale skin that has a remnant of a tan, due to being on starships for far too long. He has dark hair and dark blue eyes. A strong jaw line, and is physically fit, working on being recognized as an Imperial Knight and not only a starfighter pilot.

Jared was born in a time of insecurity. His father, who was a powerful Force user, the son of a Jedi Sentinel who survived more that his share of destructive circumstances, Jared’s father, Coren Starchaser, fell into a life of smuggling and hiding his Force abilities. Finding himself in the employ of the Empire, and shortly after, enlisted as a pilot in a crack group of Force users and people of various skills, Coren and his comrades hopped from one group to the next, using their primarily Sith inspired skills and abilities, to make the galaxy safer, thus finding themselves drawn to the Fel Empire.

Which is where Jared was born.

A child of two Corellians, found in Fel Space, Jared was pushed to prove himself. As his father was a natural behind the stick, and a bit untamed with the Force, Jared wanted to show that it could be done with hard work and discipline. Entering the Fel Military Academy at 18 years old, he powered through two degrees, one in Chemical Engineering and the other in Astrogation.

Training in the Force began quickly, but not under his father, under anyone else. Working as a pilot, as well as a Knight was going to lead him somewhere new, he felt. And was excited for that. He was living in an interesting time in the Empire.

FORCE POWER (Based on his current rank)
Telekinesis (Low, enough to throw Shadow Bombs)
Barrier (Moderate)
Force Sense (Moderate)
Instinctive Astrogation (Sort of)

TIE Flashpoint
TIE Exalt