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Jar Dar

NAME: Jar Dar
FACTION: Bounty Hunter's Guild
AGE: 21
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 1.52 meters
WEIGHT: 68.04
EYES: Grey Blue
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS: Really strong, great agility, has experience of using weaponry, and has high reflexes.
WEAKNESSES:Hasty, greedy, cocky,
Both: Aggressiveness

BIOGRAPHY: Son of a wealthy family that has famous and notorious pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and drug lords who was spoiled with a lot of money and weapons. But one fateful and cruel day the Sith Empire sent assassins that went into Nal Hughta and killed his family. After this he vowed to destroy the Sith Empire after the pain that he had to go through because of them. Then he went with his favorite uncle who showed him how to use guns which made him an expert in the usage of weapons, exercises that made him stronger, faster, and also that gave him high reflexes. Then one fateful and cruel day his uncle got killed in a dangerous bounty hunter mission that was involved with The Sith Empire which really ticked off Jar Dar and made him a bounty hunter that takes bounties that has anything related with the Sith Empire and other random high paying bounties the most bounty hunters take (though he has no affiliations with the Republic he will accept bounties or jobs from the Republic) . After inheriting his uncle's guns and bounty hunter equipment (a jet pack, armor), his money, and a sparred ship he is all ready to go to experience the galaxy.

SHIP: YTA-1300 Light Freighter