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James Kerval

James Kerval

James Kerval


NAME: James Kerval.
FACTION: The Sith Empire.
RANK: Lieutenant Colonel. (Sith navy)
AGE: Thirty six.
HEIGHT: 6''1 inchs.
WEIGHT: 145 lbs.
EYES: Hazel.
HAIR: Brown.
SKIN: White.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ James Kerval is a capable officer, with the ability to follow commands to it's very letter in an efficient, precise way.
+ He has served a board war vessels for the majority of his adult life and subsequently has the ability to fit into any command structure on any given vessel.
+ As a naval officer, he is a good pilot.
- James Kerval is severely depressed, having spent several years in space. He has not seen his family during this time. This affects him mentality, making him a secluded, frustrated individual.
- As a naval officer, he has rarely seen active surface on the ground. Although trained to utilize a blaster pistol, rifle or carbine, he hasn't fired one in years and is rusty. He has little to no combat experience outside of the navy, making him a poor soldier.

James Kerval currently serves on board the Obscurity. Due to his service on board this Attrition-class Star Destroyer, he has access to it's wide range of complements.

Born in 814 ABY, James Kerval was a Human none Force-sensitive from Vaynai. Growing up, James was born into a family who made their living catching fish, an export Vaynai was famous for in that region of the galaxy. At the age of sixteen, he signed up to the Imperial Naval Academy built on Streysel Island. There, he graduated and became a rookie officer on board the Exitium. Taken under the wing of it's commanding officer, Malus Bligh, James rose up in the ranks and would join his mentor as his executive officer and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Empire's navy on board the Obscurity, serving the elusive Sith Lord Darth Vazela, whilst the latter went about his nefarious schemes in the galaxy.



For more information on this character, please check his profile. This is where I add updates to it's content.

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