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Jae Jordan



NAME: Jae Jordan
RANK: Scoundrel
SPECIES: Human (Pamarthen)
AGE: 20
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 160cm
WEIGHT: 52kg
EYES: Baby blue
HAIR: Fawn, just past the shoulders
SKIN: Light skin tone
ROMANTIC PARTNER: [member="Andorreth Vikar"]

+ flying, grew up learning how to fly and wanted to do nothing but that. You need a flight, she's your pilot
+ technology, not always having work to occupy herself with, she spent a lot of time simply tinkering with ttechnology
+ creative, she's always got a plan or trick up her sleeve, whether the plan or trick is good...well we'll see won't we

+/- talkative, sometimes a hindrance to those around her, but sometimes can be helpful when needing to stall or distract a target of interest

- speaks her mind, sometimes a little too much, this can get her into trouble especially depending on who her snarky comments are directed to
- hand to hand combat, sure she can throw a punch and even a quick kick if she's lucky but hand to hand combat is really not her thing and would much rather a blaster from a long way away from her target
- physically weak, Jae has never been one for strength, with a trusty blaster who needs strength, right?

Jae has a small appearance, along with her baby blue eyes and fawn hair she could be described as pretty but wouldn't go too far as to say beautiful. She wears black, fitting cargo jeans with a belt around them that acts as a holster for her blaster as well, along with brown, worn out combat boots. Additionally she adorns a cream coloured shirt, it may have been white once but it sure ain't anymore. On top of that she wears a brown rugged jacket and to finish it off she constantly wears a thin, dark red scarf that was once her mothers. boots) jacket) jeans) scarf)

Jae grew up on Pamarthe, spent all of her childhood on that planet and if it weren't for her ever growing hunger and craving for excitement and adventure she'd still be on that very planet. Jae had a great childhood, good family, good community. But this meant other things, everyone acted in a particular way, there were rules. This lead to her becoming slightly rebellious, it was evident it got worse as she got older. Though as her people are known to be excellent pilots she grew into that and took to it like a duck to water. She was a natural at it, she couldn't be faulted. Though this newly acquired skill proved to be something she would later use to get off the planet she now lived on. As the years went on Jae would get more and more curious about what was beyond her own planet and wouldn't cease asking questions to anyone who could answer them. She came to the conclusion there was only going to be one person who could answer her questions and that was herself. She needed to get out of here and explore, venture, all she'd ever wanted to do. Though leaving your home world and mixing with the never ending inhabitants of the galaxy wasn't as happy and fun as she'd always thought it might be. There were challenges, firstly being on her own, she'd never been on her own, this was a big step for her. Even the other species she met, she'd never met such vile creatures and had to respond with such hostility. Life beyond her own planet was much different. Nevertheless, she adapted and found herself becoming a Scoundrel, finding a knack for it.

Heavy blaster pistol





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