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Jaddoe the Hutt

Jaddoe the Hutt

NAME: Jaddoe the Hutt
FACTION: Hutt Cartel
RANK: Warlord
SPECIES: Hutt (H’uun)
AGE: 600
SEX: Hermaphroditic (male personality)
WEIGHT: 300 kg
EYES: Red.
HAIR: None
SKIN: Brown


Warlord: Jaddoe has risen up as a warrior first, commander second. because of this, his troops hold him in respect, not fear.
Tactician: Jaddoe is a mastermind in combat and is used to thinking on his feet, and adapting to the situation that arrises.
Lieutenant: Jaddoe has a fiercely loyal Blood Carver warrior and assassin by the name of Ko Daran as his bodyguard and advisor.

Clanless: Jaddoe has never known what clan he belongs to. He has no true clan and has no backing beyond what he can supply himself
Lead Tongue: Jaddoe isn’t much of a talker, and prefers to leave such matters to those who care for “Empty Words”

Thin and strong for a Hutt, Jaddoe is a warrior. He wears Russan copper alloy helmet and armor, and under that, he is scrawny and fit.e however, he is antisocial, and distrusting of anyone outside his legion

Jaddoe was born to a pair of hutts whose clan was wiped out by the Suns during their takeover of the Cartel, and has grown weary of the actions of most criminals. However, he has given an exception to the Hutts, as they seem unable to do much else.
He began to amass a private army of roughly fifty Bartokk, he began preforming raids on other crime lords besides the hutts and suns, he started by hiring and then assimilating t.he Bartokk assassin guilds into his service.
Joining the cartel with his legion and his expertise, he prepaired to serve as an enforcer.

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