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Approved NPC Jacobi Wylcott, a.k.a. Darth Tormentous

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(Tormentous: The man in black in the middle with the metal helmet, above the Verpine.)
Intent: A sith master who will train Neive and sometimes join him on major missions.
Image Credit:, made by Revan Eldridge(screen name)
Role: Sith master
Links:, original character creator:


Age: 38
Force sensitivity: Very high
Species: Human
Appearance: A human with very pale skin, and no hair. Always wears a suit of thick armor.

Name: known only as Tormentous to the galaxy besides family and certain people who have found out about his past.
Loyalties: Himself and the sith.
Wealth: None. Currency is of no use to him.
Possessions: Only his weapons and armor.
skills: Incredible force connections, and he is a very experienced lightsaber wielder. His weakness is mainly in his speed, having armor so heavy and his dual-bladed lightsabers, his speed is lacking. Also, his force powers are limited. Although he can perform the basic force powers and sometimes the more complex, such as repulse and storm, Wylcott cannot perform environmental force powers such as absorbing and creating light.
S&W of the force:
weakness: Light force powers. He is unable to use the force to create light or absorb it.
personality: The strong and silent type. His voice adds even more intimidation to his massive size and condescending vibe. However, his respect lies only with one thing: Power. Tormentous is the kind to join the people he sees could become powerful, make them as powerful as possible and stays by their side as his power grows with them. However, his abilities are anything but potential. He has a very thin temper, and if someone drives him to anger, his fury will be unleashed and that person will either be dead or wish they were. His mind has been lost to the stars, however, and although he is a good teacher, he could never be a leader, or a true sith, again.

Weapon of choice: His two duel wield lightsabers
Combat function: He serves as a tank for the most part, but can be nimble in some situations. He is a slow moving figure, and his massive form cannot be missed. However, if he goes to the shadows, he becomes practically invisible. His dual bladed sabers are similar to that of the inquisitor from the Galactic Empire era, however it does not have the spinning feature as their's did. The blades are stationary, and the metal around the grip is used for safety against limb removal. His use of the force is his attack for ranged enemies, and he uses his lightsabers for melee combat, respectively.

Jacobi Wylcott grew up with his brother, Derric Starr, and grew up learning the ways of the Jedi. However, after the death of Jacobi's master at the hands of the empire on Malastare, Jacobi slipped into the darkside and went to Korriban to begin training, and at one time ruled over an armada of sith and soldiers that came to be known in the lower realms as the Sith Praexium. The Praexium ruled over the underworld of the galaxy for years, with a huge army, but none were more respected and feared than the 4 leaders of the empire. Krynn, known as the nightmare's child, Dastan Imatari, known as the silent blade, Kroxata, known as the Dathomiri hammer, and Tormentous himself. After a short battle on dromund kaas, Tormentous cut off his last ties to the light side, killing his own brother, Derric Starr. It seemed, for a time, that the Sith Empire was to rule the galaxy. However, soon he was betrayed by his soldiers on Umbara and was thought to be killed. however, he did not fall. He lived through the attack and retreated to Korriban where he stayed until a young Dathomiri came and asked for his teachings. Since then, Tormentous took Neive under his wing, teaching him the ways of the dark side.

Ashin Varanin

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Having an NPC Master can be a really cool thing. That said, you'll need to flesh this one out quite a bit across the board. Master-level writeups are usually three or four times longer. I'd also recommend against the whole 'major missions' thing - having an NPC Master is cool; having a pet Master NPC to throw around in PvP isn't something I can stamp.
Didn't plan on using him in any PvP or major missions, don't worry. Also, my apologies about how short it is.
Unless someone wants to fight Tormentous himself, I doubt I'll use him in anything but character development.

Ashin Varanin

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OK, cool :)

Let's see if we can come up with some things to beef up:
  • Skills. He's a Sith Lord, so you could say he's a generalist with a solid grasp of the Core Powers, or you could make him a specialist of some kind. Weaknesses are good here - what is he bad at, Force-wise?
  • Personality. What makes him tick? What does he respect? What does he despise? What does he do in his off time?
  • Combat function. Go into more detail here.
  • Age. 24 isn't terribly realistic for a Master; it's possible, but it should be an exception. Bump it up by a decade or two and he'll get more respect.
  • History. Could easily flesh this out quite a bit.

Ashin Varanin

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Looks good to me. One more detail - by 'storm' you mean throwing a bunch of lightning around, right? Not creating hyperspace wormholes?
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