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Jabuda Inllic The Hutt



Name: Jabuda Inllic The Hutt
Rank: Overlord of Clan Inllic
Species: Hutt
Age: 862 Standard Years
Sex: Male
Height: 3.6 Meters
Weight: 1. 358 kilograms
Eyes: Dark Purple
Hair: None
Skin: Tan/Green
Force Sensitive: No

Vast Intelligence- Jabuda possesses a great degree of intellect that he has acquired over his many years within the Galaxy. Spanning from political to economical, Jabuda is prided among those of Clan Inllic as their most knowledgeable member.

Ruthless- Jabuda is cold and calculating. Assessing every situation and playing it to his advantage allowing none to stand in the way of his self-profit. Those that cross Jabuda will quickly find themselves on the top of many a mercenary's hit-list.

Patriarch- Due to his age, and a great deal of planning, Jabuda is the Patriarch and Overlord of Clan Inllic giving him much pull over lesser Hutts. He is much respected by those of Clan Inllic, if not feared.

Wealthy- Jabuda has amassed great wealth with the importing and exporting of slaves from Nal Hutta,along with other illegal substances such as spice.

Paranoid- Jabuda, like most Hutts, is prone to paranoia from both fellow Hutts and the other species of the Galaxy. Because of this he never travels far from his compound, and if he does he is always heavily guarded.

Arrogant- Jabuda believes himself fully superior to all, Hutt and non-Hutt alike. Due to this he has often had falling out with those he knows, most of the time ending in bloodshed.

Easily Flattered- Jabuda is prone to accepting flattery and being easily manipulated by those who use it against him. He isn't foolish enough to no know it is used against him, however he simply does not care when the one talking is charismatic enough.

Partially Immobile- Like all Hutts. Jabuda suffers from a lack of mobility. Having to use a powerchair for basic movement, Jabuda is restricted in where he goes.

Appearance: Jabuda is a hulking mass of a Hutt. At a length of 3.6 Meters and a weight of over a thousand kilograms, Jabuda is a large creature in anyone's eyes. Older than many Hutt, the years have begun to show on Jabuda's flesh. Age sots have long since began to mark his skin and the folds of excess flesh have began to collect and bulge around his eye sockets and his slumping body. A long scar runs across his face starting on the top of his head and extending down though an eye and to his stomach.

Biography: Born into the prosperous Clan Inllic, Jabuda was raised in the immoral society of the Hutt Nobility. Raised to be cold, calculating, and effectively ruthless in all aspects of his life, Jabuda would grow to be a prime example of Hutt brutality. Upon entering adulthood, Jabuda would commemorate the occasion with his first hostile takeover of one of his many rivals spice trading dens. It would take many years for Jabuda to gain an effective hold on the market, but what are a few years to one such as Jabuda. Jabuda went to his father, who was Overlord of Clan Inllic at the time, in hopes that his what shower him in praise for his accomplishment, however; instead he was harshly insulted for stopping the incoming profit of spice during his escapades. Humiliated Jabuda left his father's compound, and would not lay eyes upon him for many years.

Centuries passed in the blink of an eye for Jabuda as he built his humble spice running operation into a booming franchise by adding the trading of slaves to his business. He had become quite reputable among Clan Inllic and many others for his insight and intuitive thinking. Other young Hutts starting their businesses began seeking advice from Jabuda, bringing offerings to him as they did so. It was around this time however that rumours of his increased popularity had been due to the fact that he was planning to usurp the patriarchal seat of Clan Inllic from his father, and in turn offering the young Hutts seeking his advice positions of power within the new order. Due to paranoia and the fear of his son's increased popularity, Jabuda's father ordered a hit on him to please the whims of the other elder Hutts. Jabuda was at a galla with a few other Hutts in his entourage when the attack occurred. A foe wielding a blade was posing as a servant and attacked Jabuda, slicing down the length of his body. The assassin was promptly shot by bodyguards and Jabuda was ushered away. He had nearly died, but the thick blubber beneath his skin absorbed most of the blow. He ordered his most loyal retainers to inform the others he had died, and with that Jabuda went into hiding to plan his revenge.

Three centuries later he emerged once again. This time with renewed vigor and with him came a vast army of mercenaries. Those once loyal to him quickly fell into tow as he contacted them. Combining forces with his allies the younger generation of Clan Inllic took on the older as hired guns and bodyguards clashed on Jabuda's father's compound. Once the battle had stopped and smoke cleared Jabuda was victorious. He was brought into the throne room where his father lay waiting. Jabuda's father pleaded to his son for his life, but Jabuda simply shook his head and said through stern eyes to his father. "If I do not take it then another will. So why not me?" Then raising a blaster pistol Jabuda shot three rounds into his father's head. Now Jabuda has ruled Clan Inllic successfully for many centuries, and he plans to continue to grow his enterprise by any means necessary.