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It's tough to lose people that you love

Lilla Syrin

A great leap forward often requires first taking t
“Togorians very emotional people, capable of great love.”
– Muuurgh

Lilla never saw it coming. One moment she was exiting hyperspace and the next she was enveloped in a web of blue lightning. The electric bolts wriggled over the hull of the ship, magnetizing its sensors, destroying its circuitry, and ruining its weapons tracking systems. A perfect hit.

Her ship was a tomb. Even the escape pod would be useless.

She couldn’t communicate or flee. The life-support systems would go down. She would either freeze in the depths of space or, if the ship was captured by Togoria’s gravity, she would burn up as the ship plunged through the planet’s atmosphere.

She only had one chance – a slight one. In a matter of minutes, she would have to de-ionize the ship, make the necessary repairs, and escape the tomb.

She already had her de-ionizer in hand, and was desperately struggling to clear the static electricity from her operations console. From the back of his ship, she heard the sound she dreaded. The hull was blown wide, and bits of shrapnel had burst through a containment wall. The cabin was quickly losing air.

She looked at the console. It was hopeless. Far too much work, far too little time. So, she unstrapped herself from the pilot’s seat and kicked toward the escape pod. Given there was no longer any artificial gravity on the ship, Lilla flew through the weightless air like a ghost, and entered the tiny round hatch of the pod.

Just then, a minor explosion rocked the ship. Lilla locked the hatch down, inhaling gratefully. There were no lights in the escape pod. Lilla held up her de-ionizer, and worked by the dim glare of its little green running lights.

The escape pod didn’t have many controls. A tiny electronic brain managed the life support and the jets. The brain wasn’t smart. It only knew to fire its thrusters and keep the craft from crashing. It would also try to fall on even ground, rather than hard rocks – if it had any choice in the matter.

The ship began to shudder. Lilla knew what that meant: the ship had hit the atmosphere of a planet. Lilla bit her lip and looked out the view port. She saw below a beautiful planet – a jewel with sapphire-coloured oceans, a few emerald jungles, and tawny plains, all obscured by sunlight reflecting off of clouds.

Lilla continued to run the deionizer over the delicate controls. Suddenly, a single green running light shone on the control panel.

Lilla read the words under the light. “Parachutes - automatic deployment.” She gasped in relief. The parachutes could slow her descent. This might give her time to get the jets running, or at least control the crash. She rushed for a handle at the bottom of the escape pod and pulled it, hearing the grinding sound of metal against metal. Then she felt the pod float away from the body of the ship. Not far – only a few feet.

The escape pod twisted so that sunlight showed through the hatch. As the ship rushed through the upper atmosphere, the friction of metal against air heated the skin of the ship. It began to get very hot. Lilla prioritised – as much as she’d like to breathe more easily, she’d crash before she ran out of oxygen.

The fall to Togoria stretched out for minutes. The escape pod rolled and tumbled with seeming slowness toward the planet. Within the pod, gravity returned slowly as she fell. Lilla touched the de-ionizer to each tiny circuit and component under the maintenance panel. There was a booming noise and a sudden lurch as the automatic parachute deployed.

Within moments, the pod began swinging by the lines of its parachutes. But that wasn’t enough to make her feel safe. By now the escape pod felt like an oven. And it was only getting worse. The pod slowed, but not enough. If it hit ground, Lilla knew that she’d explode into a bloody spot on the rocks.

[member="Dorian Van Seafire"]

Zair Xanatos

Fluffy Puppy
The wind blew across the plains moving the medium tall grass as it did, few creatures carried on with there life not bothered with the slight chill of the wind nor where they bothered by the weird looking droid that stood there watching. It's black robes whipped slightly in the direction the wind wanted it to go, the droid head was the oddest thing about it being some kind of creature head instead of an actual droid one. Its red eyes seem to stare off into the distance as if it could see from miles and miles away.

Dorian stood there not bothered by the wind or the slight chill that it brought, though there were times that he wished he could feel something like the wind. Times like these he felt a little jealous of humans or any species that could feel such things. Being a Shard he wasn't able to feel anything even more now since he has to use a droid body to move around and to interact with things.

The dorid was here because he was given some time off from his force training, which was far more intense then he thought it would be. He was told by his master to go somewhere where Dorian could explore, relax a bit and collect his thoughts. "Collect my thoughts?" he said softly to himself, that was a weird thing for his master to say.. why would his master say that? Did he mean that Dorian thoughts were scattered around and that he must collect them? Or was this a normal thing for humans and other species? Did they have problems with there thought not being all there that they have to physically collect them? Humans were really weird he thought to himself. He slightly shook his robotic head there was no need for him to do it since there was no one around but he wanted to get into the habbet, for others to try and understand what he was possibly thinking.

Being his first brake it wasn't too bad, it was calm and he enjoyed watching the wildlife as they went on with there day. He knew others would think him odd but he found it interesting how everything things interact with the land, though he may not understand what was going on it gave him sense of calm.

Glancing up at the sky Dorian could see what look like a white streak followed by what looked like something that reflected the sun, tilting his head slightly to the left he watched as the item continue to fall twords the planet surface. "That's odd." Were they trying to land? But then if they had a ship they wouldn't be coming in like that.. or would they? Was it a ship? if it was who was on it? So many questions and Dorian was very curious, he began to head in the direction of the speeder that he ranted maybe he could figure out where this item was heading.

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Lilla Syrin

A great leap forward often requires first taking t
With merely seconds remaining, Lilla hunched over the control panels, trying to save her hide.

The escape pod hurtled into the upper branches of the jungle, shearing through the canopy. The first few small branches barely slowed the vehicle, and then it smashed into a limb. Metal buckled beneath Lilla's feet, and a great wedge of wood drove through the metal fabric of the escape pod. For half a second, she hoped that the branch would support the pod, but quickly the branch was torn away, and the pod dropped another dozen metres. The parachute tangled wildly in the branches and began to tear. The pod lurched sideways, and Lilla fell to the floor with a grunt.

Then the pod bounced in mid-air. The parachute jostled and swayed, swinging wide. Lilla feared the parachute lines would rip the rest of the way, dropping the pod who-knows-how-far.

But the pod held.

Lilla's heart hammered. The Jedi in her was able to cope with the fear of death. She was not frightened, but her heart still hammered.

The jungles of Togoria were forbidding. The trees blotted out nearly all light, and everywhere on the flat ground were bogs and pools of quicksand. Lilla had never seen a snake over a hundred feet long until she tried to climb over what he'd thought was a log. Lightning fast, it moved to strike. Lilla dodged out of the way just in time, coming way too close to its oddly triangular head and its trio of venomous fangs.

Lilla did not have any idea where she was going. She stumbled along through thick, strange-smelling moss. The odour numbed her nose and tongue, and she suspected the moss had emitted a mild sleeping gas to repel any herbivores that might try to feed on it.

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