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Ismaren Cloning Corp

A Rhinoceros

Oscar 13

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Corporation Name: Ismaren Cloning Corp
Headquarters: Arkania
Locations: Arkania, Khomm
Operations: Cloning which is done on Khomm, Genetic experimentation done on Arkania.
Tier: 2

Cloning is not an unnatural thing to an arkanian. That's why the first Oscar Ismaren made Ismaren Cloning Corp or for short ICC. After Setting up on Khomm a world known for cloning Oscar set out to find clients in need of fighting forces. Governments, Empires, or even pirates were allowed to purchase clones. Neutrality Is the center of ICC's policies, never picking a side ICC is willing to sell to anyone. Oscar was not satisfied with just basic cloning so soon after commercial success Oscar expanded to his homeworld of Arkania. The choice was easy as the Arkanians were masters of genetic modification and would help diversify and improve the products offered.

The first Oscar created the company to expand his knowledge in the field of cloning. After many years and Oscars, the current Oscar took over. The first oscar much like the people of Khomm saw no need to breed rather he cloned himself. Each Oscar was an improvement on the last leading to an increase in business.

Subsidiaries: N/A
Parent Corporation: N/A