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Ismael Skhaos

Ismael Skhaos


NAME: Ismael Skhaos


RANK: Traveler


AGE: 21

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'11


EYES: Bright blue with red and gold speckles.

HAIR: Short black hair which parts to the left.


FORCE SENSITIVE: Ismael is force sensitive, yet does not know of its presence. He has slight control which he finds to be more of like a sixth sense instead of it being the force.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Ismael is no stranger to a fight, his swiftness on his feet and finesse makes up for his very reckless approach to some situations. Ismael has always been strong with strategy to a point where his decisions come quickly, but with this his decisions can be compromised by his short temper and his highly emotional personality. Even with this he is a sharp shot with any range weapons, but when faced in a melee he is not the best.

-Strategically smart
-Quick thinker

-Reckless at times
-Short temper
-Very Emotional
-Has no real experience with melee combat.

APPEARANCE: He has black, short, straight hair which parts to the left, with bright blue eyes with gold and red speckles in them. He stands at 5 feet and 11 inches, weighs 180 pounds, medium build, his skin color is a nice tanned color, he has a scar that is on his left eye from a knife attack, and he wears a black pair of prescription glasses when he does not wear his helmet. He has many scars across his entire body, but the most prominent scars are: a large X-shaped scar on his back, a large slash that stretches across his frontal torso (from top left to bottom right)

BIOGRAPHY: At a young age Ismael's father, Krieg, and mother, Sol, decided to move to more outer systems to start a new life away from the wars of the New Republic and First Order. As Ismael grew he found that life wasn't the worst, he was never able to make friends because he was always on the move, but he was always able to find some joy in his strange hobby of weapon studies. Ismael always had a strange magnetic like pull towards any weapons from the primitive bow to the advance plasma weapons, and his fascination became a full blown obsession as he found, after firing a slug thrower, how exhilarating weapons are.

Soon after his 13th birthday Ismael was introduced many different games, from
Checkers to chess, and he found even more joy as he found he had fun in understanding strategy within the games. He soon started to devote most his time to strategy games, chess, and real life strategy to the point of obsession where all free time becomes devoted to such pursuits for the next six years.

At the age of 19 Ismael was ready to head out on his own, but didn't know what to do. He contemplated many things until it finally clicked when he found after coming back home from a long day at school he found his house in ruins and found that the government destroyed his house and his killed family. In a fit of absolute rage he blacked out, later finding himself at the center of the government capital with a gun pointing right at the tyrannical leaders head and himself a bloody slashed mess. He said nothing as he fired the shot which ended a tyrannical reign which he never knew of until he was affected by it. At that moment he looked out the window to finally see what has been going on around him, people lived in fear, were poor, and had no real feeling of being a citizen. Ismael found his goal, his strength, and his courage: Fight those who oppress the weak.

Ismael helped try to set up a new government and help when he could for the next two years until he found that he has no ties to this place any more. He slowly grew tired of this world and decided to leave and travel. To where? That is what he wishes to find.

-Hekler'Kok Medium Armor-2, full black grade 6 medium armor with more ammo storage. Ismael bought this when he started up his short career as a merc.
-HR-1 Hunting Rifle
-Special Edition Blaster Pistol Mark I, this gun was Ismael's father's, and the same weapon Ismael used to kill the local dictator of his homeland to take revenge for his family.

SHIP: None as of yet.

KILLS: None as of yet.




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