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Ishtar Freyja

Ishtar Freyja


Name: Ishtar Freyja
Faction: The Confederacy of Independent Systems
Rank: Apprentice
Species: Nautolan (Mutation)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet and 7 inches (1.73 Meters)
Weight: 128lbs (58.06 kg)
Eyes: White
Hair: Nautolan tentacles
Skin: Seafoam Green
Force Sensitive: Yes​
Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Amphibious: Able to breath underwater, she is wonderful swimmer and is able to transition to being as fluid on land and in water. However, she can not handle dry, hot locations that lack any moisture such as desert planets. Also with the heat, she can not deal with extreme cold too.
- Appearance: Has features that can make her appear exotic, but among her species she is marked as an outcast, an abomination.
- Social: Quiet, a little shy, unsure where she fits in to groups, at times believes others hate her, and all of it makes her feel like an outcast.
- Emotion: Outside of the Nautolan nature to pick up emotions of others, she has moments of depression and abandonment issues.
- The Force: Is sensitive to the force and knows of it; however, she has not been trained to utilize it.
- Combat: Currently knows how to make a fist and swing it another, she never received training to be a fighter. Her favorite fighting style is running away quickly.

Yes, rusty old public transports or other times just a stowaway

Born differently, Ishtar’s parents abandon her to waste away and die of hunger. A Nautolan saw the baby and took petty. First ten years was a loving time and wonderful for little Isthar even if the ones she believed to be her parents had very little. At home it was loving, public was different for her. When she was with her parents, other children pointed and made fun of her tentacles, fins, and external bone that was thinly wrapped by her skin. It only got rougher when her parents died. Their deaths left her alone and lost. There were no relatives that desire her in their homes. Homeless, she learned how to survive on her own with most of her time being treated poorly like an abomination to the species. Because of that, she dreamed of escaping the world. The older she got the more she learned about how to leave, and when turned seventeen she stowaway in a cargo ship. Using government transportation or being a stowaway, she moved about in the galaxy for the year. It was a little bit after her eighteenth birthday she got her stuck on Ando and has been trying to survive there.

Fish Goes Blub


You should join the Reconstituted Je'daii Order, we are a neutral faction and I just know @[member="Levia Sol"] would love to have you. He's a water-shaper, and amphibious like you. :3

Plus, I think you look really pretty. :$

Hope to see you around! :D

Nameless One

I can be fun
Well that was a fun read and well I suppose it is time for the recruitment attempt. So we'll have a jedi, named Je'daii seeking to recruit you to the jedi order with promises of adventure, study and very much activity. We also strive for balance and working towards a greater cause. The protection of civilization as without them there can be no chance for peace. so come and join us, enjoy the small rewards, make some friends and have fun.

Ishtar Freyja

Thanks Jedi, Je'daii, and Fringe but I got something in the works. I might look into your groups if this doesn't pan out :)