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Isarn Apis

Isarn Apis

Isarn is similar to other [SIZE=12pt]Dravala in many ways, one of which is in his absolutely gigantic stature. Standing at nearly nine feet tall he towers over even [/SIZE]wookies, and his body is a mixture of his species natural muscle along with what he acquired from living a harsh life in his youth. Scars adorn Isarn’s body the most visible of which are a set of claw marks across his left eye. Isarn’s right eye is a storm grey, and sports almost a human-like quality to it. Under the eyepatch over where his original left eye used to be Isarn has a Mqaaq'it biot placed within. He simply keeps the eye covered due to its habit of constantly changing colors and having an advantage over his foes due to them thinking he is blind in one eye. Tattoos adorn Isarn’s body, many of which are far departures from his own culture and people and instead of the family that had taken him in during his time of need. Not one to let himself go unshaven Isarn will either keep a neat stubble or go for a trimmed beard and mustache depending on his mood.
[SIZE=18pt]Strengths & Weaknesses[/SIZE]​
+ Behemoth: Isarn is an absolute behemoth towering over many other species in the galaxy and sporting a strength to match the strongest of them.
+ Flamethrower: A trait he had inherited from the [SIZE=12pt]Dravala[/SIZE], a flaming breath that he can release on command.
- Don’t touch the horns: Much like any other [SIZE=12pt]Dravala[/SIZE] while the horns are tough grabbing them near the base can be incredibly painful or even debilitating to Isarn.
-Limited Force Abilities: While Isarn may have broken through the barrier of his people allowing him to learn abilities outside elemental control he is still very limited in the abilities he can utelize simply due to lacking the skill or inclination to using them.
- Ice Cold: Planets such as Hoth, Mygeeto or even Ilum are planets that Isarn can’t truly travel to without fear of placing his life in danger. The same could be said for other environments that would drop his temperature beneath a certain threshold.
- Gemstone: The gemstone that lay over Isarn’s heart is a vital area where [SIZE=12pt]if[/SIZE] struck just the right way could lead to the Dravala’s instant demise.

Isarn is far older than he appears and has been wandering around the galaxy longer than many of the Dravala that are currently living. It all started back when he was but a whelp, freshly born to a nomadic sect of Dravala. A sect that was in search of a new home, one that was steadfast in their beliefs, that clung to tradition as though it was the only thing they knew. As such Isarn spent his first few years being raised like the rest of his people, he learned the art of war, what it meant to fight and to be a true warrior. To this day he despises those lessons, the beatings that he’d received from the seniors as they “educated” him in their ways. Their barbaric tradition, sharing their lore amongst the youth. Isarn was just as blind to the truth in his youth, he’d let himself be subjugated by those who said they saw him as [SIZE=12pt]family[/SIZE] but did not truly know what it meant.

A few decades Isarn spent among his people learning their ways, submerging himself in their culture then it was the time to be bonded to a mate, a custom in which one could not deny the seniors of their people. This is where Isarn put his foot down, he wouldn’t give in to their demands, to become nothing more than some individual meant to breed and create strong children. Being one of the tallest if not the tallest and most muscled of his clan had made Isarn a top pick, traits he wished he hadn’t received. Denying a senior however comes with a risk, one of possible death. Due to not giving in to the demands to mate with the senior member of the [SIZE=12pt]clan Isarn was forced into combat with her where the female Dravala destroyed him completely, leaving him nothing but a bloody and beaten body on the ground. As [/SIZE]punishment she took his left eye partially blinding Isarn before leaving him in the mud to rot. His own people moved on leaving the lone Dravala behind. A member of a pack that wasn’t worth their effort.

Clinging [SIZE=12pt]onto the edge of life Isarn was saved not by one of his own but an elderly woman and her two children that nursed the [/SIZE]Dravala back to health. That showed him a kindness none of his own had. They even patched up his wounds though they could do nothing about his eye. They showed Isarn the true meaning of family and its with them he spent many years of his life. A protector of the family and akin to a brother to the elderly woman’s children. With such an extended lifespan Isarn saw the spread of the family as the elderly woman's children had their own then those kids grew to do the same. It was a marvelous sight but one he couldn’t watch forever. There was much in the galaxy Isarn didn’t understand so he left, the newest generation of the Apis family hear tales of the behemoth that guarded their forefathers and as such Isarn became more of a legend to them.

A century he spent wandering the galaxy learning more about the cultures that inhabited it and the people, learning and expanding his own knowledge beyond the rudimentary that his people called themselves knowledgeable in. It is now after so long that Isarn returns to the galactic scene, his last few years he’d spent learning the arts of “the force” as he’d heard it called and sought those who could teach him. The Jedi he’d heard legends and seen holo-articles on were the stuff of legend but far too strict for his tastes while the Sith were a group that was too extreme, too violent and all too familiar. Instead, he settled for somewhere in the middle a section of galactic territory called the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Isarn Apis

Beginner, Adept, Knight, Master, Specialist
Force Bellow: Adept
Telekinesis: Adept