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Isard-II (Refit) class Star Destroyer

Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command

Source: This Guy. (This specific pic ain't there but I swear it's him, I did research and everything).

Intent: To update the Galactic Empire with a true battleship and command vessel, and bring the GI ships up to par under the new system.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Junbei Hao Enterprises
Model: Isard-II Class Star-Destroyer
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Modularity: None
Production: Minor Production
Material: Durasteel and Refined Trimantium [Command Tower and Engine section]

The Isard-II is a direct development of the Isard-I, a design of Val'ryss' failed Imperium. Though a solid design, it underperformed in several ways, including a relative failure to act as a proper command ship in spite of its size. Following the invasion of Atrisia by the Lords of the Fringe, the newly appointed Grand Admiral Cyrus Tregessar embarked on a project to revamp the Imperial Fleet. The Isard-I class was one of his first projects.

The engineers at Junbei Hao had significantly more advanced development techniques than Leviathan Industries, and were able to drastically improve the power distribution model and several other key aspects of the ship. The hangers were stripped and besides a single squadron on cranes, the ship had almost no internal capacity to carry troops or equipment. The requirement to carry a garrison of troops and forces to assault a planet was also dropped (though a portion of the crew consist of Naval Security Forces). The rest of the space was filled with Command and Control computers, workstations, and equipment necessary for the Isard-II to act as a dedicated Fleet Command Ship. Finally, advanced C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence) facilities were added to make the Isard-II excel as a flagship.

The next step was overhauling the weapons loud out. The quad turbolaser batteries had proved to be energy hogs and in battle were barely more effective than a standard battery. They were cut, with some of the power being diverted to additional turbolaser batteries and the space going to a large group of Assault Concussion Missile Launchers. Several batteries of turbolasers were converted to a lighter model on smaller turrets, with less power but a much improved ability to track faster ships like frigates, corvettes, and large gunships (faster strike craft proved as elusive as ever). As power draw was becoming an issue, the Admiral next took inspiration from the Empire's enemies, and replaced half the point-defense quad lasers with flak guns.

As a new primary armament, the Empire adapted land-based Hypervelocity Guns for use on the ship. Known as SHVs-9 (Shipborne Hypervelocity Gun), these weapons fired a large bursts of projectiles (120 slugs a minute) at a massive velocity, and were capable of inflicting incredible damage on anything from a ship to a planet at theoretically unlimited range (though aiming becomes increasingly difficult the further away the target is, and is effectively impossible once you leave a system). The weapons have a massive power draw and cannot fire for more than 10 seconds at a time, resulting in a low rate of fire after each burst (roughly four times as long a delay per volley than a turbolaser). Furthermore, the particle shields of the firing ship must be lowered and kept off while the weapon shoots, potentially exposing the ship to fighters dropping warheads down the barrels of the weapon. This was judged an acceptable risk, however, because of the sheer power of the guns. Only a handful of the guns were mounted, in huge triple turrets along the indent in the center of the ship, because of their massive size and power requirements, but they performed extremely well in tests and were eagerly adopted by the Admiral.

Despite the Admiral's attempts, the engineers were unable to increase the speed of the vessel, and it remains just as ponderous as any other Star Destroyer. Armor remains mostly the same through, except in a few spots were it was actually lightened to allow for the SHVs internal components, and a heavy belt around the turrets themselves and their magazines. The ship also proved even more expensive to make than its predecessor, and production was cut to minor to compensate. In a space battle though the ship is a true battleship, able to bring an incredible amount of guns to bear and dominating its competitors while coordinating the actions of an entire fleet. Anywhere else it's basically a liability.

Classification: Star-Destroyer
Role: Battleship
Height: 450m
Width: 600m
Length: 2000m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Hypermatter Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1
Minimum Crew: 9,000
Optimal Crew: 38,000
-Triple SHVs-9 Hypervelocity Gun Turrets [x6] - Worth 10 Turbolasers Each, 180 guns
-Heavy Turbolaser Battery [x75]
-Turbolaser Battery [x60]
-Light Turbolaser Battery [x20]
-Assault Concussion Missile Launchers [x30]
-Ion Cannon Battery [x25]
-Point Defense [x40]
-Flak Guns [x40]
-Quad Laser Turrets [x40]
-Tractor Beam [x20]
-12 Starfighters (usually Praetorians)
Non-Combative Attachments:
-Command and Control Suite
-Advanced C4I Facilities
-DER [Dedicated Energy Receptor]
-HSI [Hyperwave Signal Interceptor]
-Ranger Transceiver
-Ray Shielding
-Particle Shielding
-Escape Pods
-Other standard capital ship attachments
Passenger Capacity: 2000
Cargo Capacity: 18,000 Metric Tons
Consumables: 2.0 years
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 8

(((Basically this caps everything under the 'heavy gun' ship. Which is uh, sort munchkin behavior but hey it's minor production. There are several aspects which don't vibe with the description, because I'm trying to bring it in-line with other ships. Most notably, the crew went up sharply. But a Star Destroyer with an 'optimal' crew of 11,000 just seemed absurd. Hypervelocity Guns currently stand as 1-to-6 for turbolasers. Could easily be adjusted. My goal with them is, well, sorta trite, I suppose. I just want a main battery that feels like a main battery. Like the 16-inch guns on the old Iowa-class Battleships, and pouring on more turbolasers just doesn't have the same punch. That said, I am not married to the idea of Hypervelocity Guns being that weapon, though at this point I would say we're pretty serious. But I am willing and able to heavily modify their capabilities or if necessary drop them entirely.)))
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
Updated so it's in-line with what I'd talked about earlier. Would make this ship a real monster now.
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
Updated again to include Hypervelocity Guns as the main battery.