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Ironwolf II-class Star Destroyer

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Isamu Baelor

Protector of The Iron Realm



  • Classification: Star Destroyer
  • Length: 1600m
  • Width: 900m
  • Height: 450m
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: Class 0.6 (Class 15.0 Backup)
  • Crew: 37,085
    Minimum Crew: 5,000

[*]Passengers: 9,700
[*]Cargo Capacity: 36,000 metric tonnes
[*]Consumables: 6 years

[*]Environmental Systems:

[*]Medical Bay
[*]Navigation System
[*]Ray Shields

[*]Propulsion Systems:

[*]Ion Drives
[*]Maneuvering Jets

[*]Sensor and Targeting Systems:


[*]Warhead Armament:

[*]Total: 300

[*]Defensive Armament:

[*]Overall Total: 1300

[*]Reinforced Hull



  • 2x Squadron
  • Many x Infantry, and vehicle, transports.

  • Strengths:
    [+] Offensive Capabilities: With a variety of powerful weaponry, the Ironwolf II boasts impressive firepower.
  • [+] Defensive Capabilities: Equipped with redundant deflector shields, and a reinforced hull, the Ironwolf II possesses incredible defenses.

  • [-] Bridge Tower: The Ironwolf II's bridge tower serves as a glaring target for enemy vessels.
  • [-] Firing-Arc: Few of the Ironwolf II's weapons can fire on targets to its rear.


The Ironwolf II-class Star Destroyer was an improved variant of the Ironwolf-class Star Destroyer. Designed by Iron Wrath Industries, and produced by the Iron Empire; it was a warship conceived for planetary defense, planetary assault, troop transport, and ship-to-ship combat. It saw use as part of the Iron Imperial Navy, serving the role of a standard Star Destroyer. It was visually distinctive from its predecessor, due to its dark-grey hull.

The Ironwolf II's offensive capabilities were identical to that of the Ironwolf. It featured 10 Heavy Long Range Turbolaser Batteries, 20 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, 40 Turbolaser Batteries, 20 Heavy Ion Batteries, 20 Ion Batteries, 5 Hyper Velocity Guns, and 30 General Purpose Warhead Tubes. These weapons allowed the Star Destroyer to engage enemy vessels at any range. However, like its predecessor, it was at its most effective in close-to-mid range combat.

In addition to the defensive equipment present on the Ironwolf, the Ironwolf II featured a reinforced hull, so as to aid in survivability. As typical for the line, its primary shield generators sat nestled within the Ironwolf II itself, while the redundant shield generators stood atop its bridge tower.

Similarly to the Ironwolf, this combination of offensive weaponry, and defensive equipment, left the Ironwolf II with limited space to transport starfighters. As such, it could house only two squadrons, for a total of 24 craft.
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