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Invictus Aeronautics

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Invictus Aeronautics

Corporation Name: Invictus Aeronautics
Headquarters: Annaj
Locations: Annaj, Ascension, Bakura
Operations: Invictus Aeronautics is a company that deals primarily in the design and production of starships in the military and commercial sectors. Operating mainly out of Fringe space, IVA has begun branching out further into the Outer Rim and Corewards as it grows in size.
Rationale: In the year 18ABY, a young Alen Na'Varro made a modest investment in beskar ore with his family's offworld finances. More than eight hundred years later, that investment has turned quite the tidy profit. After a lengthy process of proving his identity through the courts, Alen has managed to access the fruits of that investment and is now branching out into business. Auron Helix was his first acquisition, Invictus Aeronautics is the second. The company is private and was therefore purchased outright.
Tier: 3

Description: IInvictus Aeronautics began operating in early 803ABY, specialising in the design and production of commercial light freighters and luxury yachts. Operating out of offices on Annaj, the company became renowned for its sleek designs and developed a niche market. IVA freighters and yachts were a rare sight but became very trendy starships to own due to a surge in ownership by Coruscanti models and sports personalities. As such, the ships had a hefty price attached to them. They were, for all intensive purposes, for the elite. However, IVA proved to be just a trend, and though it maintained a small following, desire for their ships declined. Production was scrapped, and IVA began designing for other, larger aeronautics companies. That was until Alen Na'Varro stepped in.

As controlling interest of Invictus Aeronautics, Na'Varro has overseen the complete revitalisation of the firm into a production company that makes military vessels as well as commercial craft for various sectors. Operating out of Annaj, Ascension and now Bakura, IVA is a rapidly expanding entity. IVA now accepts private, commercial and government contracts in starship design, refitting and minor and major production. Invictus Aeronautics is now looking to expand into the mining and spaceline sectors, and has begun producing ships to fill those roles. Now IVA has revitalised itself, it is looking to build a reputation for excellence in starship design, while opening subsidiaries that explore other commercial interests.

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You already have another company, Auron Helix. I can't approve this until that company is either shut down or sold to someone else. I think I read somewhere that you intended to do so. Just tag me when that's resolved and I'll pass you through.
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