Star Wars RP

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Introduction Thread

Geel Zlta

We don’t have to win, we only have to fight

Love the premise and can't wait to be a DOG :) :) :)


Paradox Obscure
Hello! This is the writer of Sebastian Thel.

Faye is an android he built, who is designed for melee combat. She's a feisty robot who doesn't like Sith! I really wanted to get involved in battles again, so she's going to be my combat character.


Go Fish
[SIZE=9pt]Hello, new to the RA. I just wanted to stop in here and warn you little me will most likely droop in a thread or two. Some basic background information about this character she is a recent graduate and working a internship through Sansori Medical. Hope to see you all in a thread soon. [/SIZE]

Placeholder 0128

[member="Kira"] - Welcome to the party!

Most of us do our planning and communication in our discord since it's faster and easier than the forums. If you'd like to jump in, we can probably get you set up with an assignment shortly if you were wanting one.