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An Infiltrator was landing within an undocumented Space Station at this very instance some place between both First Order and Galactic Alliance Space. It came up on long-range sensors as a waypoint for many of the civilians and refugees that wanted to escape the war. All that was needed to find the place was a tracker, and a week later, A'sharad was there, alone for what seemed like... Forever.

Disembarking from the ship, the Sith Lord's gaze swept across the nearly filled hangar bay.

Now, all he would need to do was... Find someone who knew their way around the Station. The Sith Lord himself hadn't been able to locate a plan of the station beforehand, and he had come down to the conclusion that he was going to need to actually be present to get the information he needed from this place.

His goal was to get a hold of the surveillance cameras.

If this place was anything like First Order Stations, there must've been listening devices all over the place - at least in the main thoroughfares.

That's where he would start first.

He exited the hangar, and headed straight for the lift dead ahead.

[member="Luscia Rioux"]
Stowed away in the cargo hold of a freighter, Luscia’s form huddled against a sack of crates.

She didn’t know where she was going, and the young Zeltron was trying desperately not to regret her decision to leave home. There were very, very few overweight Zeltrons given their natural lightning fast metabolism, a trait that Lucy unfortunately did not share with the rest of her species. As such, her weight made her a target for relentless teasing from her peers and beratement and neglect from her appearance obsessed mother.

What was a girl to do?

Leaving the only home she’d ever known was a big step, hitching a ride off of Zeltros on a cargo freighter and hopping from ship to ship, sometimes unseen. She learned early on that a dingy cloak helped to conceal her pink skin and violet hair, a necessity if she wanted to blend in as much as possible.

Footsteps sounded outside the cargo hold, the light filtering in from beneath the door being blocked by several pairs of feet. She could hear talking, but it was distorted by the distance and reached her ears as unintelligible.

But there wasn’t anywhere to run, no crawl space to conceal herself in—just boxes and boxes and one terrified but determined chubby Zeltron.

[member="Asharad Graush"]
When the door to the cargo bay of the freighter opened up, the people that were standing beyond it weren't in league with the Sith Lord Graush at all, in fact the high ranking military official of the First Order was walking past the ship in question. On the edge of his senses he could feel something akin to the Force in the ship he was passing.

Glancing down to his wrist, he spotted the chronometre embedded into the cybernetic hand, and he shot his gaze back over to the ship, but continued on his way out of the space station's hangar.

The Sith Lord had a mission on this day, and he meant to complete it before he was sidetracked by a trick of his senses.

The station's command centre it is...

Suppose he was going to have to find a security guard...


On the ship, when the door to the cargo bay opened, the multiple pairs of feet that the Zeltron had spotted underneath the door flooded in.

"Right, so what's the cargo you bringing into First Order Space?"

"EMP Bombs. Can take out entire cities."

"Word? This your last stop right?"

[member="Luscia Rioux"]
Luscia hoped that the feet would shuffle on down the hall and that the conversation would drift away, but no such luck. The teenager hadn’t taken much care when choosing what room to hide in, all she knew was that she was in a storage area. Storing what, she did not know.

When the trickles of light became a flood and the voices discernable, the Zeltron quickly scrambled over to the closest wall, stacks of containers hiding her figure for the moment.

She strained to hear, eyes widening when she discovered that she’d been hiding among bombs that could destroy towns and cities.

Uncomfortable with the idea, she shuddered out of nerves, inadvertently shifting the shadow that she was now casting thanks to the light from the newly opened entrance to the room.

[member="Asharad Graush"]
One of the two men spotted something in the corner of their eyes as the stowaway's shadow was cast across the room. Antsy, he flinched and reached for his weapon and his gaze followed the endpoint of the shadow to where it originated from. "'Ey you! Get out from there - Now!" A small holdout blaster in hand, something that could probably get through security on a poorly defended station like this, it was still lethal, and the armed men knew it.


A'sharad's mission had come to an end on the station, his attention was being drawn elsewhere through the Force, and that was back to the hangar bay that he had parked his ship in. Frowning, he spun back on his heel and back the way he came. Suppose he should investigate what was going on there - not that he had gotten too far in the Space Station to begin with.

[member="Luscia Rioux"]

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