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[Interest Check] Crewing a Ghost Ship!

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

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What's this about?

Well recently I had couple of ideas for minor factions, one of them was to make a faction which would contain passengers and crew of my character Sammo's ship the Young in Spirit. He already has a couple of people aboard his ship (@[member="Delila Castillon"] who joined after Rebel Alliance disbanded and @[member="Lendo Dral"], hired on Nar Shaada) but I figured I might want to attract writer's attention to it to get more people on board so that we could create more stories.

So what kind of stories and RP would this be?

Think of a cross between the Love Boat, Star Trek, and Firefly and then set it in Star Wars. Yep, that is exactly what you would be getting yourself into. A mix of exploring the vast nothingness, visiting alien as well as already discovered planets and getting into all sorts of trouble on their surfaces, helping refugees and anyone who needs aid, and constantly trying to keep the wreck that is Young in Spirit afloat. So it should be equally rp aboard the vessel as well as visiting other ships and on planet surfaces.

What is the Young in Spirit and why is it such a wreck?

The Young in Spirit is an old, old Munificent-Class Frigate, who was used by pirates before the Gulag Plague, by the time my main character @[member="HK-36"] found it, it was abandoned near Raxus Prime, barely functioning. With a group of spacers HK took over the Frigate, relieving it from command of a corrupted droid brain and gave it over to Vagrant Fleet where Sammo took over as its captain. In Vagrants the Frigate was converted into a mobile motel/living quarters and broadcasting station, renting out its space and services in order to pay off for its fuel and repairs. After Vagrants disbanded the Spirit moved to Rebel Alliance where it served them in same role and now that the Alliance has disbanded it is currently being funded by Abregado-Rae, although it is a completely independent ship.
All of the ship's systems has been retrofitted and repair to stay with current standards, except its weapons, outside of security systems the ship has no guns as their maintenance was too costly and would took too much effort when everything else needs constant repairs due to the ship's age. Even after the repairs the ship retained its ghastly battered appearance, often masquerading as a derelict ghost ship to avoid too much attention.

What kind of Captain is Sammo?

I try to play Sammo as a cross between Gandalf and Doctor Who. He is the adventurer who always loves to get into trouble and never asks "Why", he prefers to ask "Why not?" his age and true nature is unknown except to his closest friends. I try for him to be kind, easy-going and very very caring, he would never refuse help to those that need it. But whether I play him as I say and whether I write him good stories, that's more for the crew to judge :p

Alright, alright, stop talking, but who exactly are you looking for for the faction?

Good question, Voice in my Head, spacers, adventurers, engineers, mercenaries, whoever wants! Sammo is a good-natured character but that does not mean more neutral or evil characters would not be welcome on board, but it is more likely that Sammo and his decisions would come into conflict with them. But the beauty of the Spirit is that pretty much anybody can find himself aboard the ship and join one of the adventures. Maybe you're a fugitive seeking refuge aboard? Maybe you're just a spacer or a tourist taking ferry on the ship from planet to planet to save on fuel? Or maybe you have been with the ship for a long time as its grouchy alien cook? The story of your character is your story to write, I am only presenting an opportunity to tie our stories together into something greater.

Aboard the Spirit there would be two roles your character could take, the Crew, or the Passenger. The distinction between the two if very easy,
The Crew- for people who are like "Oh yeah, this sounds awesome, I want to be doing this as much as I can every week"
The Passenger/Tourist- for people who are like "Well, I don't know how I feel about this, well I guess I can join them for one or two threads and give it a shot"

What about the Sith?
Sith, OOCly I have nothing against you, ICly, Sammo would probably ask you to leave his ship :p But there are ways around that of course, you can simply hide the fact you're a Sith, Sammo can't sense the Force or alignment he wouldn't know any better.
And what if I already have a ship?
Well, that depends how big your ship is, you see since Spirit doesn't have guns, it counts on the people who are currently aboard to protect it, as such, people with anything between a starfighter and a light tramp freighter (Think Millenium Falcon) would be welcome aboard to its limited hangar space because that means should the ship get in combat, there's always those people with smaller ships who could help protect it.
Now, people with bigger ship, this isn't really a faction for you, sorry to say :p This would focus more on RP of a single ship, not a fleet. You could always stop by for an encounter or two with your ship, but ultimately the Spirit travels alone.

Whew, if you read all of that, I'm proud of you :D I know it was a lot of information, but I hope that now you would know enough about the idea and what is tied up with it to make a good informed decision whether you would be up for it or not.
Also, should this faction start I would try to do a solid rp thread at least once a week, depends how long they would take for crew to finish along with random casual rp threads scattered in between.
You know I am down for the thread, although Dells would be a quasi-passenger. She does have other duties after all.

I know you wanted feedback, I say if there is enough interest it might be beneficial to have a minor faction group to discuss things. If not, two or three of us in a PM circle could have just an awesome time with the role plays.

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
Yep, well I just wanted to see if it's something a lot of people would be up for, if I would end up making this into minor faction on boards, passengers section would be public so people could do their things there as they wanted and crew section would be private for faction only.
Plus I reaaaaally wanted to write about it to get it off my mind :p

Cab Khan

I'm definitely interested, though I don't have the time available for many threads right now. One a week I could probably manage though.

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

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Oh yeah, I forgot to add it in there, but you can switch being a passenger and being a crewman back and forth

Cyrus Tregessar

Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
Dropping in here to say that I really like this idea and if i can come up with an interesting-enough character concept I'd totally be down.

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

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@[member="Sigurd Loke"] @[member="Cyrus Tregessar"]
Awesome, right now we have two threads where Spirit is in
The first one, Shadows over Iferets is a first contact thread, Spirit's crew are first alien beings to establish contact with Iferet's inhabitants, so it's a basic "We come in peace" set-up and we'll see where that goes, right now it's just me but you could jump in as one of the spacers aboard the shuttle.

The second one is A Heated Introduction, this is the second time Spirit comes to Iferets, just three days after the first thread, this time it is more of an aid mission, bringing supplies of kolto and bacta and seeing how else they could help inhabitants, on Spirit side there's me, Cab, and Stardust, and we'll probably clash with a Sith.

So, Sigurd, check which one you would like to join, you can join both if you want, and Cyrus maybe you could read up on them a bit to see how we do things, maybe it will help you come up with a character?

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Declan Starr"]
How are you with starfighters, tramp freighters, and shuttles?

It would be mostly flying escorts or conducting evac :p So you would be basically the guy saving our asses if that's something you are up for

The Mephirium

A Monument To All Your Sins
I'd have to talk with my buddy about this, as our characters are pretty much intertwined, but I'm definitely interested.

If you'll take a homeless Rattataki criminal and his psychotic, unrealistically loyal Ranth buddy aboard that is.

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

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@[member="Gravesen Conclave"]
Sure, if you don't mind mostly fighting against other criminals :p Keep in mind the Captain is a Chaotic-Good type

And I may just make a minor-faction for this tomorrow since there's a bit of people showing interest, so at this point it will be easier to manage in separate forum section rather than just one thread

Sarah Frostlight

If I drop in it would likely be as a visitor /passenger, as it is right now Sara's ship sounds like it is in about as bad of shape (or in some ways worse) than that ship is, even though her ship is basically a military light freighter built like a fighter/interceptor

of course I was considering it as being pretty unreliable and needing a pretty complete overhaul or rebuild. the only advantage is I suspect a LOT of components are significantly smaller for equivalent performance after ~4000 years but it might involve some serious work to modify stuff to actually work with the basic chassis.