Star Wars RP

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Interest Check (2 Faction ideas)


Insult. Deletion Of Unwanted File.
First off, We have . . .
The Automaton Syndicate
The Automaton Syndicate is on the planet Coruscant, In the Factory District. The Syndicate consists primarily of robots. Humans/Any race may join, but they won't be treated with as much respect as a robot. Their goals are as follows. They want to eliminate competition. They want to rebel against the Humans/Race that enslaved them for so long, And get revenge. Their leader would be Orion, the A.I. The "Government" (if you could call it that) would be a monarchy
The Legion
(W.I.P, Still thinking about this one.)​
Ask me questions, and what i need to add. I will be gradually adding more to these ideas.


Crazy Man McJangle
I'm not sure there are currently enough angry robots for this idea.

Beyond that, the more information you can provide, the more it displays you're passionate about the idea. Explain the background behind it forming, why Orion is out to destroy humans. Create a slogan or rallying cry as to why synthetics should want this and perhaps ideas that they "force" synthetics to join through the use of viruses and the like (with PC consent if they want to use that reason.)

You can never explain too much to grab someone's attention.