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Input Command

ERRATIC QUERY: What? Where am I? Who are you?
Are you my Master?


DECISIVE RESPONSE: Yes! That sounds right. Hello. Hello!! Hello, Master-With-A-Time-Sensitive-Lifespan.


CASUAL OBSERVATION: That is an admiral customized, yet entirely illegal, firearm that you have directed at me. Oh. Hm. I see. Was I programmed to kill you? [Identifying Gender... Accessing Feasible 'Slang' Dictionary...] 'Uhhh! My bad, brah'.


So Codswallop's crazy as all heck, and if anyone'd like to get followed around by an eccentric assassin droid that's prone to memory reboots and constant alignment confusion, by all means.

You could probably get him to do just about any stupid thing, tbh. Thanks to his messed up droid rewiring, he'd still probably be enjoyable company even if your character decides not to accept his offer as being his next Master.

I'd also be happy as all else to be allowed to hop into pre-existing threads if I'm needed.
@[member="Galaar CC-252"] Awwyiss, I might get roped up into clone antics? That'd be fun.
@[member="HK-36"] Droid antics are always welcome.

Galaar Tal'Verda

Just one more butchered soul.
Just drop me a PM when you wanna get something set up. Little busy this week but I'm sure something can be worked out.

@[member="HK-94 Codswallop"]