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Inkblot the Vigilante


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Posted 04 November 2013 - 11:22 PM
Inkblot the Vigilante


NAME: Inkblot, real name unknown
FACTION: Independent
RANK: None
SPECIES: Unknown, appears humanoid
AGE: Unknown
GENDER: Appears Male
HEIGHT: About 1.8 meters
WEIGHT: Around 100 kilograms
EYES: Unknown
HAIR: Unknown
SKIN: Appears Caucasian when exposed




Extraordinary Physique: Inkblot is much stronger and dexterous than an average human being, even though he does not always appears as such, it is something he often uses during melee combat, surprising his opponents in swift onslaught of brutal punches.

The Mask is My Face: Since Inkblot only acts in his trademark inkblot mask, he is only recognized in his mask, as soon as he takes it off he can easily blend in, nobody has any idea how he looks underneath, making it very easy for him to hide in the crowds without his mask as he would appear just one of the civilians.

Improvised Weaponry: Inkblot is proficient in using weapons he finds on the spot and his trusty vibrodaggers. This ranges from fighting somebody off with a lead pipe, slamming a trashcan into them, to rigging a stove into a makeshift explosive device. Improvisation and versatility is what he tries to excel in.

Fear Factor: Another weapon Inkblot tries to utilize in combat are fear tactics. This works only during ambushes he sets up, when he is on offensive, he attempts to get into his opponent mind, spook them before striking them. This can take many forms, from jumping at his opponentsfrom the most unusual of places to psychological warfare, utilizing his opponent's phobias.

What Do You Have In There, Bricks?!: For some apparent reason every hit from Inkblot feels like a hit from brass knuckles, it seems he is wearing padding packed with powdered iron on some spots of his body.

Photographic Memory: Inkblot appears to have photographic memory, able to bring up crime scenes and events in perfect detail and analyze them.

Calculative and Deductive: Inkblot is a classic detective type, always trying to piece together the crime like a puzzle, attempting to solve it in order to deal justice. He also tries to exercise being calculative, always attempting to be the best detective he can, he is not perfect, however, it does not always work out.

Martial Arts: Inkblot appears to have some type of martial training in his record, his fighting style resembles a mix of Echani and Mandalorian teachings with a splotch of boxing added in for his own preference.

Gunslinger: Inkblot proves to be very precise and proficient in use of pistols, always preferring them as his ranged weapon of choice, and always carrying one on himself at all times.


Force Absent: Inkblot appears to be absent from Force, it can work as an advantage to him, making him much harder to track down using the Force, however, it is also a disadvantage as he cannot tap into the Force and there are not that many Force Void beings in the Galaxy, he could be recognized by a Force User then due to the absence of Force in him.

Stench: Inkblot has a strong aroma of narcotics, drugs, and deathsticks around him, probably pointing him out as one of drug addicts seen in many urban environments. It can also be used as an explanation to his Force Absence as some narcotics are known to mess with being's connection to the Force, disturbing it. The aroma can also influence those around him, after prolonged exposure to it beings affected by narcotics would begin to hallucinate, and Force Users may find it harder to tap into the Force. However, the stench seems to emanate from his overcoat, without it he does not have the funk, which can be both a disadvantage and advantage.

Antisocial: Inkblot is one of those strong silent types, he does not like to talk much, or even spend his time among other beings, he usually prefers to engage in long walks and can get very awkward when in a group, even if it's a group or friends or allies. In fact he enjoys his walks so much, he appears to be homeless, never having a set place to stay in, always traveling and wandering.

Recognizable: His key sign is the black inkblot covered pale mask, he often keeps it concealed in the shadows underneath the rim of his hat, however, once his mask is seen, there is no doubt who it is, he would be very quickly recognized.

Extremist and Uncompromising: Inkblot has a fiercely strong sense of justice and what is right and what is wrong, and he is willing to go very far to uphold his views of justice. For example, if someone would murder a group of civilians, he would have no problem stalking them, learning about them, then breaking into their house and brutally assaulting them. This also goes far on the opposite spectrum, there is little he would not do to save the innocent, jumping in front of bullets and blades in order to save somebody from a mugger or assassin, it is a weakness that can be exploited in order to draw him into a trap.

Violent: Inkblot's methods can be seen as overly brutal and extremely violent, making it hard to keep friends around him, he also has a sense of poetic justice, this streak of violence could be potentially used to identify his work and track him.

Nutjob: He's a brutal sociopathic guy running around in a creepy mask and outfit that makes him look like a flasher. Not many people would want to hang out or cooperate with somebody like that.


Portable datapad and holoprojector



Stall-11 Blaster Pistol

Lady Fingers OP BHP Hold-Out pistol, Military Model

Collection of vibrodaggers

Overcoat and Jacket from Armour-Ani Clothing Line

It is unknown who he is, where he comes from, or what is his past. One day he just showed up in the Undercity of Coruscant, attacking criminals and gangsters, often leaving them bleeding and barely alive, tied to lamp posts or hanging out of their own windows by their feet, tied to the window frame.

Since then he was spotted on other planets, all over the Galaxy. It is always the same thing, he shows up, he snoops around shady parts and organizations, if he finds nothing interesting, he disappears, leaving an unpleasant taste in the air. But if he does, he leaves a trail of broken fingers, making his way to the truth, and when he finally finds proof of crime, he makes sure the justice is dealt, painfully and slowly.

He calls himself Inkblot, always wearing that ragged hat and overcoat, equally ragged suit is seen underneath the coat. However, his most recognizable feature is the mask, pale mask, as pale as chipping walls in aged hospitals and metal asylums, covered in abstract but symmetric black shape of the inkblot where his face should be. Those who seen him up close always describe the inkblot differently, some say it looks like a spider, some say like a bat, others say like a cleaved wound on the head of latest victim of his justice, yet others say it slightly resembles a growling ropo..




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