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Infereti Spear

Serah Oricion

Intent: The Intent of this is to give my new species a unique arsenal of Melee weapons and something to fight off invaders when in close quarters. This weaponry is for that intention alone and none other.​

Development Thread:None​

Manufacturer: Infereti Smiths​
Model: Naginata spear blade​
Affiliation: Infereti Peoples​
Modularity: The blade and the shaft itself are both modifiable. As well as the Ionization battery back.​
Production: Mass Produced​
Material: Made from a Steel found on the planet of Iferetus, Energy packs are made from the hydrogen and other ionized gases.​
Description: Its a steel spear developed nearly ten thousand years back to solve the problems of needing a long ranged melee weapon and could allow for both a jabbing and cutting motion. Improved over the past ten thousand years the shield now encompasses a wide range of use and can be found as common place in the homes of the Infereti people.​
Classification: Spear​
Size: Two Handed Typically when used to its full potential, but can be used in one hand with proper training as a dedicated spear. Can also be thrown as a javalin but few do so as the weapons are normally a family heirloom.​
Length: 45 CM long Blade, 150 CM long Shaft​
Weight: 1.5 Kg​
Other Features: Is not resistant to lightsabers, can break down a personal Energy or Kinetic Shield after five strikes

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Yusan Fenn"]

Same thing as with the Longsword you submitted: clarify the materials used. I also want to know exactly what modifications can be done to this and I want the weight increased. 1.5kg equals to about 3.3lbs, I suggest looking up the Javelin and basing your submission off of that. I want an effective range to be added as well when throwing. I understand that all beings vary with muscle mass, but give an estimate for a physically capable human.

@Me when done.