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Infereti Longsword

Serah Oricion

Intent: The Intent of this is to give my new species a unique arsenal of Melee weapons and something to fight off invaders when in close quarters. This weaponry is for that intention alone and none other.​

Development Thread:None​

Manufacturer: Infereti Smiths​

Model: Old Middle Ages Longsword​

Affiliation: Infereti Peoples​

Modularity: Its a longsword, you can modify the handle and its Ionization Battery pack... thats about it.​

Production: Mass Produced​

Material: Made from a Steel found on the planet of Iferetus​

Description: Basically this is the description. A steel blade that enhanced by an Ionization pack located on a soldiers side to allow for the blade to tear away at personal Energy and Kinetic shields. Other than that... its a Steel longsword so ya.The certain steel Mineral allows for it to cut into weaker forged metals and only heavy metals can truly block it with ease. CANNOT BLOCK LIGHTSABERS.​

Classification: Sword​

Size: One-Handed​

total: avg. 100–130 cm (39–51 in)
blade: avg. 90–110 cm (35–43 in)​

Weight: avg. 1.1–1.8 kg (2.4–4.0 lb)​


Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Yusan Fenn"]

Looks good overall, I'd just like to see the material a little narrowed down. Saying "it's just made from a metal found..." doesn't really cut it. Is the metal heavy? Is it standard durasteel? The description also needs a few more additions for clear strengths and weaknesses.

@Me when done.