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Infereti Kite Shield

Serah Oricion


Intent: The Intent of this is to give my new species a unique arsenal of Melee weapons and something to fight off invaders when in close quarters. This weaponry is for that intention alone and none other.
Development Thread:None
Manufacturer: Infereti Smiths
Model: Old Norman Kite Shield
Affiliation: Infereti Peoples
Modularity: This Kite shield acts as both a shield against the kinetic weapons used by the Infereti people through both its steel surface and a personal Energy bubble generated by a powerpack on the inside of the shield. This allows for dual protection against Kinetic weapons such as blades, spears and firearms. While also unknowingly defending against the blasters of the rest of the galaxy. This is to give the Infereti a chance on the battle field against their own weapons and the blasters that the rest of the Galaxy are accustom to.
Production: Mass Produced
Material: Made from a Vibrosteel found on the planet of Iferetus, Energy packs are made from the hydrogen and other ionized gases.
Description: Its a steel shield developed by the Infereti people nearly ten thousand years back to solve the problems of needing a high defensive item on the field of battle. Improved over the past ten thousand years the shield now encompasses a wide range of use and can be found as common place in the homes of the Infereti people.
Classification: Shield
Size: One-Handed
Length: 64 CM high X 49 CM wide
Weight: 2.5 KG
Other Features: Is not resistant to lightsabers, the energy shield projected though can take only three hits from a saber and a dozen shots from a blaster before failing.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Yusan Fenn"]

Like all of your other Infereti submissions: specify with the material!
Other things I want:
  • Description on how the powerpack's energy shield defends it from blaster fire and add a weakness to this. Can it be destroyed? Can the shields be overloaded?
  • Bring the weight up some. Unless this is a light metal, I want it to be moderately heavy for a strong defensive item.
@Me when done.