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Induction into Servitude (Darth Sarcophago)

Cavris Lyran

The soldier had exiled himself to the remote planet Kashyyyk, he enjoyed hunting the wildlife that lived in the Shadowlands of the planet, even hunting Wookiees was fun. He was deep in the Shadowlands of the planet, wearing his basic armour, blaster rifle cradled in his arms and pistols holstered on each leg. He thought he might get lucky, he knew that Jedi liked Wookiees, something about how easily the race got enslaved and needed their help called to a Jedi's ego so he was hoping he could catch one or two hiding on the planet, ready to kill slavers unaware. He had been hunting Jedi and any Jedi sympathisers for two years, they were vicious killers and deserved nothing more than a painful death.

Come out little Jedi, I know you want to protect these pathetic Wookiees... Cavris called out mockingly as he stepped through the forest.

Movement was seen to his left, he shot several rounds and saw the creature collapse to the ground, he walked over and kicked it sharply. Dead, nothing worth his time but still at least his aim was true. He had sent out an offer to a Sith for his services, Sith drew out Jedi better than anything he could do so he thought if he followed a strong Sith around he could get some action out of it. One of his more sane moments one would say.

What to kill... What to kill for funsie!? Cavris started to mutter to himself, half laughing.

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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​There were few places in the galaxy that held a true test for a Sith, but the legendary Shadowlands was by foremost the most dangerous and will shattering region to visit. So I entered the Shadowlands under the guise of a hunter, seeking to kill enraged Wookies and place their severed heads on a wall. While I stalked through the dark forest, I was looking for that particular target when I heard the echo of blaster shots ring through the forest.

​Cocking my head, I heard another shot and found myself walking toward the sound. I wasn't the only hunter among the forest, but the taint of the Light was ever presence; and I looked forward to slaughtering another Jedi.

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