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Incinerator Clayton

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Incinerator Clayton

Incinerator Clayton


NAME: Incinerator Clayton
FACTION: Cult of the Firehawk
RANK: Incinerator
AGE: Late 30's - Early 40's
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 169lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: Brown with Grey
SKIN: Caucasian; covered in soot and ash

[+] Seemingly has a high threshold for pain
[+] Mentally disassociate state causes him to override base instincts such as fear and pain

[-] Mentally disassociate state causes him to break from reality often
[-] Mental trauma causes unsuspecting behavioral mood swings

A tall thin man, his body is covered in various scars; most of which are difficult to see through the soot and ash that cover his body. He wears a mask that covers his face, most likely covering burn scars as well. On his back is a rather large pack, which extending from it are three poles each with a head atop of them. Shoulder pads and limited gloves and wrappings on his arms make up most of his clothing on his upper torso, leaving much of his abdomen exposed. Simple pants covered in what appears to be a sporadic design are covered in soot and ash as well. An old holster and military boots suggest a military background, though no records indicate if he has served or not.

Little history is known of Incinerator Clayton. Even to him his background is a mystery; most likely caused by some kind of cranial trauma. What little there is places his birth place on an Outer Rim World, with Tatooine being the likely culprit. His seemingly odd outbursts of what appear to be the sandpeople language further strengthen this theory. It is believed that he was either a member of a Tusken Raider tribe, or was held captive for sometime before leaving the planet. His clothing suggest some stint with the Military or a paramilitary organization, though it is more likely they were taken from a corpse of a poor soul that perished in the desert of Tatooine.