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NAME: Inaya
AGE: 10
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 4’10”
WEIGHT: 83 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Dark brown/black
SKIN: Olive
Languages: Huttese, a few words of Kiffu, very broken basic
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum):
+ Fast learner: She is able to pick up new skills fairly quickly, especially with practice
+ Hopeful: No matter how bad things get, she believes that they will get better eventually

- Bad dreams: Inaya often suffers from terrifying nightmares
- Uneducated: She lacks basic skills like reading and writing
- Stubborn: A trait that has gotten her into trouble

Inaya is pre-teen of average height, but with a thin, malnourished frame. She has olive skin that tans easily, and a crop of thick hair that is dark brown, bordering on black. Her hands are rough, calloused, and have scars on the palms. It is not out of the ordinary for her arms and legs to have a few bumps and bruises.

Inaya doesn’t have any memories of her home-world, for she was born far away on Nar Chunna. Daughter to a Kiffar slave woman that was kidnapped from her clan in the very early stages of her pregnancy, Inaya was born into quite a harsh life. The two were permitted to live in a small community and Inaya’s mother left her in the care of a young woman named Talla when it was time to work. Though, one night when she was only three years old, her mother did not return home.

The details surrounding her mother’s disappearance were always sketchy.

The young kiffar girl remained with Talla, the two grew to have a close relationship. Inaya grew to look up to Talla, and viewed her much like an older sister. However, when Inaya was seven, Talla was sold to someone else, leaving her quite alone. She was sent to live with the other orphans that their owner had come to acquire. When she too was old enough to work, she was put to good use at a textile labor camp. There, she joined with others that were too young, old, or unable to do physical labor. Their job was to weave exotic fabric that would later be sold in the markets on Nar Chunna, a trade-world.

Despite the crowded living conditions, lack of nourishment, and the grim fate that greeted her every day, there were some small comforts. One of them was a beaded bracelet that had once belonged to her mother, the only true possession left behind. Inaya found that this bracelet was special; it had memories – when she held it she could hear a lullaby sung by her mother. The young girl also kept a small clutch of other items that gave her good feelings. This ability, psychometry, was known to the Kiffar – but it was very much a mystery to the young girl. And it did lead to nightmares at times, when she came in contact with something unpleasant.

Shortly after her tenth life day, Inaya got up the nerve to try and escape.

She did manage to stow away unnoticed aboard a smuggler ship, but she didn’t get very far. Ending up at Circumtore, she was later discovered by agents of Orbaa the Hutt, a crime lord. Orbaa didn’t have any issues taking Inaya as slave, and put her to work preparing the daily meals, cleaning, and polishing sets of massive shell hutt armor.

Inaya has been at Circumtore for nearly three years now, and has been dreaming of leaving this place more and more…