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In the service of (complete)

Faith had met him only briefly at the dinner but Ana had completed a work up on him and now based on what she read Faith wanted to offer [member="Myles Davorak"] a job.

She did not know if he would take it but she was in need of someone to fill a role and he had skills that would work.

She waited now in her favorite parlor at the Palace in New Aldera the official residence of the royal family. New Aldera the Capital of Alderaan. Alderaan had been growing bringing in new business, new allies and its borders were not safe. She had learned long ago that one thing that kept peace was information.

She would talk about this with him today.

The worst he could say was no.
Myles had attended the lavish dinner that was held at the Queen's Palace. He enjoyed himself rather nicely, got to meet new faces and enjoy some relaxation for once.

He was aboard his ship The Tempest, he was still on Alderaan making final preparations before he went job hunting again. He wasn't sure what the Queen thought of him, not just yet but he hoped he wasn't too rude at the social gathering.

Speaking of which, Queen [member="Faith Organa"] had wanted to speak with him about something. He was nervous. Hopefully it was a job or a good opportunity.

What's the worst she could do? Declare me enemy of the state, Lock me up, Ruin my career

He would bite the bullet and put on his normal wear before heading to New Aldera, hopefully today would be another good day to live.
As the time for the meeting drew new Ana Lindsey, Faith's assistant and long time friend stood waiting. She made sure to wear something traditional long vest covering a floor length light blue gown with scoop neckline. Her honey blonde hair tucked behind her ears, her bright blue eyes on the entrance. The palace was always something to see either from outside or within.

She heard the guard ask his name his voice echoing throughout the hall that was the unnerving part of the palace parts of it echoed. Ana would never grow use to that sound. She smiled when the guard brought [member="Myles Davorak"] inside.

"Mr. Davorak thank you for taking the time to come. The Queen is this way. Did you enjoy yourself the other night at the dinner?" Ana wanted to know if she should plan another for the future, perhaps set an agenda for discussion and invite faction leadership. She did not know it was merely an idea she was throwing around.
When Myles was brought in to this woman before him; he looked puzzled at her- This is not the Queen he thought, however she did make polite conversation with him to which he indulged heavily in.

"It was the best social outing i have been to, I rather enjoyed myself Miss....I didn't quite get your name?"

He was in the Palace, so he needed to be on his most polite and behaved manner. He approached the woman and offered his hand as a kind gesture to shake her hand.

Without the tactical gear on he looked like a plain-Joe, an average citizen. Myles gave a smile to the woman as well, but he was rather curious what he was doing here. He didn't remember doing anything bad at the party and he didn't make enemies that he was aware of.

Queen [member="Faith Organa"] wanted to see him maybe for a more professional reason he pondered.
"Ana Lindsey the Queens assistant she's waiting through this door. Please go in."

Faith stood quietly as usual looking off to the mountains. She loved the views hated the cold. She looked over seeing [member="Myles Davorak"] coming through the door opened by Ana. The guards stepped out. The queen was alone with mr davorak.

"Welcome Mr. Davorak come please let us sit and talk. I understand you're a career soldier. You will forgive my asking you to wait another day for departure. I am in need of someone with your skills. ,i thought maybe if we talked here I could interest you in a job"

Faith say down "Do you have time to talk with me?"
Queen [member="Faith Organa"] was still looking as good as she was at the dinner party. He again felt under-dressed for this occasion.

He nodded at her request to sit down and he listened to her speak.

"I quite enjoy it here, so the departure is no problem at all m'lady. I am indeed a career soldier and I am always interested in a job, and for you I have as much time for you as you would need, it is not a problem at all Queen Organa. So what in particular are you lookin' for?"

He had hoped his words came out right, she was offering him a job. His ears were perked up at this point. What would royalty want to do with him? An almost washed-out career soldier from the fields of Naboo?

Myles sat promptly and made eye contact with this Queen and allowed her to speak of her request further.
She noticed how much effort he put into answering "thank you very kind. One of the things the,coalition needs is information. Intelligence. We are small and located right now in relative safety. But time has always found a way to change that"

She leaned forward, "as a soldier you learned how to read,your enemy to read the battlefield." Her brown eyes settled upon him looking as she held his attention. The room was quiet no one to record their,conversation.

"I would like you to use that expertise to gauge situations around us. I'd like you to be my intelligence officer. " ,She expected him to ask a number of questions. She was ready.

She remembered when she was appointed Minister of Intelligence. That felt like a lifetime ago. It was really. But this was now about Mr. Davorak. Faith smiled and waited for him to digest what she said.

[member="Myles Davorak"]
Myles digested piece by piece what she said....she was offering him quite the job indeed.

He did learn to read his enemy and to use the battlefield as a dejarik board so to speak, it felt like ages ago when he was utilizing counter-terrorism tactics against anarchists on Naboo. Maybe this would be a second nature to him.

"M'lady I am honored to be offered such a position. To be honest, I wasn't expecting something this grand but I am very grateful. What sort of tasks and criteria would i need to follow as your intelligence officer? I would need to know more info if possible so that the job can be done to that full extent, I am all about quality and completing my job as assigned. No shortcuts."

He felt like he was a used starship salesman but that didn't matter, what mattered is that a high ranking individual just gave him the opportunity of a lifetime, he would be foolish not to take it.
Myles knew the Queen had much more pressing tasks to tend to so he would keep the questions short and concise, to allow the Queen some breathing space.
[member="Faith Organa"]
"Your job Myles should you choose to accept it will be to gather information on any threats to our system to the Coalition. Identity the threat and work with our military to ensure we are able to meet the threat. With you battle experience you can,work through tactics and movement quickly. There are currently insurgents crossing our borders and starting civil unrest. I want you to find out who is funding them. Where they come from. What is their end game"

Faith sat back, "the job requires travel and interaction. You can bring on staff. Set up an office here on Alderaan in the palace in the ministry wing. I expect weekly and at times daily,briefings. "

She tried to,cover everything. The job was very important. But she wanted someone off world she wanted a trained soldier. It was an opportunity. He seemed interested.

[member="Myles Davorak"]
He listened to the job description very carefully and closely. This was almost right up his alley. She would even let him bring staff on....quite the proposal indeed, all that would be missing for this to be perfect would be a loving wife.

Focus on business Myles. You would be an absolute toss pot if you said no. Credits would have to be very good, it is the Queen of Alderaan after all

"I understand M'lady. My first assignment when i was with the 5th Rifle Regiment was counter-terrorism and guerrilla warfare. This could be quelled completely in a matter of weeks, this would be just a hypothesis since I am not working with raw data. I do have some individuals i would like to bring on, they each have knowledge in different military applications should that be doable, if not....then I can perform just as good. Finding enemies of the Coalition eh? I can get a large scale yet low-key operation started asap. I just need all the information you currently have on recent attacks and we can get to the bottom of it"

Myles was in thought. He could be quite the talker but he believed being up front with his employers granted better relationships, showed honesty; at least that's what his mother told him

"Not saying this would happen right now your Majesty, but some counter-terrorism i have run across stemmed from moles within the Cabinet or double-agents. I may need to see who is in charge of what......I am sorry, I am progressing too far. I know you have other tasks at hand. Once I get a process thought of, it's hard to stop. I would be okay with daily/weekly briefings. Being up to date is the difference between life or death on the battlefield....from what i learned."

Settling down for a while hadn't crossed his mind. This job would meet that definition. The idea of actually setting up an office tickled him to death. No more working on risk assessment from the Mess Room table.

"I would be honored to take this position should you still wish to employ me. Is there any estimate of the pay? I do have some equipment i would need to relocate here to start operations"

Out of all the questions he asks his clients....he hated asking about the pay but security wouldn't be a lucrative avenue if it didn't pay.
[member="Faith Organa"]
"Salary will be 2500 credits per week. This should cover any living expenses but I will also set a budget for your office which will include travel pay." She wanted to get that out of the way quickly.

He mentioned her staff. Possible. Unlikely. "Ask anyone about the unrest. Kuat has been under attack most recently. We've not seen anything here but the other members may have. " She understood following a thought so she was patient.

"You may start right away or in a week. Your choice unless you live in your ship. Oh yes your ship. You will need a berth for it assigned. I'll have Ana set it up." this had gone smoother than expected. She was pleased.

[member="Myles Davorak"]
2500 credits a week. If he worked for the Queen a prolonged period of time, this would be good pay. Darn good pay.

The answer was inevitable but he didn't want to sound overly desperate. "I appreciate your generosity your Majesty, I will do everything in my power to get the information you seek. I cannot guarantee a timeframe but once operations are underway, that information may become available as certain milestones are met"

You're rambling again Myles...

Faith Organa said:
"Ask anyone about the unrest. Kuat has been under attack most recently. We've not seen anything here but the other members may have. "

Noted. Kuat...could be a distraction from the Homefront here. We will just have to investigate

"Ill see what's going on. I don't mean to barrage you with such questions"

It's almost like she knew that he lived in his ship. The only other home he had was his mother's house on Naboo. He would start now....A decent bed, meal, shower. It had been forever since he had decent facilities. The ones on his ship are more than doable, but this would be on a whole different spectrum.

"I will start now, should you prefer it. I do dwell in my ship. What can i say, i take work with me wherever i go so to speak. Again I appreciate this M'lady. I should have everything situated and set in motion by the end of the week"

Myles was anxious yet excited. This was a different kind of job. He was anxious to figure out the problems that the Coalition was having but was excited that it was long-term employment.
Well at least I did okay. Now to get with moving my equipment here and getting set up.
[member="Faith Organa"]
"Crevasse City has some beautiful apartments as well as new Aldera. Myles I look forward to working with you. The Rangers may be of some help too. They see quite a bit around the Coalition"

She smiled and extended her hand, "welcome aboard. If you need anything just have Ana get you on my schedule. Our first briefing will be in two days. "

He was excited good. So was she.

[member="Myles Davorak"]
"I enjoy the views here on Alderaan so a city with beautiful apartments, what's not to love? I look forward to working with you Queen Organa. I will talk to the Rangers as my first point of focus."

He took her hand and shook it gently but with some firmness behind the action. Myles returned the smile genuinely, he hoped that he would do well for the Queen.

"Then I guess i will see you in two days. It was nice talking with you again M'lady, take care"

The initial stress had passed. Now he had to develop an action plan. He would make some calls to former operatives he worked with, call in a few favors. He needed to move his equipment into his office. He chuckled yet again at that notion.

Adrenaline built up in his body, he felt 20 years younger again from all this excitement.
Well, time to get to work, it ain't gonna do itself.
[member="Faith Organa"]

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