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In need of family


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Alright, so as it says, anyone down to be family to Zaiden? We could come up with some huge backstory, or a small one, as to why we didn't know of each other (in the same fashion @[member="Feena Mason"] and I did).

Oh, also that'd be an interesting fact for your character, you'd be related to a very strong light side master (a major member in her fu faction if I recall) and a strong stealth master.

I wanted to let this happen organically, but that's taking to long

Darth Torment

@[member="Penumbra"] I might have a need for a distant family history, whattaya say? I mean Val'halla and Vortusa could have heirs that are of the same family, but maybe cousins that end up finding each other.. it's up to you buddy.


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I might have an idea for a family member. I have a few for other people and enjoy having a rogues gallery