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I'm back!

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
I realize my departure from this character and soon after the board came hard and fast, it was a much needed break that I needed for myself and my sanity. Or someone was going to be maimed and it wouldn't be me.
*takes a calming breath to relax*

With that out of the way ...

Now that some things in my life are now semi in order I can get back to RP'ing all proper like. Expect some changes to be happening and some blood to be spilled. No more sitting idly by Inquisitors. No more of that, it is time to come out and play, get some blood on our hands and make a few folks cry.

Working some story ideas right now as well as some dominions too. Gotten get some strong momentum back in the right way. <3 you all, hope to see you around soon.
Baifa Monü Zhuan
Moira Skaldi said:

There is Junko Ike in theory. Assuming her abilities were to be discovered and harnessed.
but would Moira really care? Hell I have one rule avoid the ones looking too closely like the plague. I don't want to be locked up in a tower or on a leash. Rather just practice my few small current scribbles in peace.

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
Junko has no idea the Inquisition exists. Therefore, she would have no reason to fear being locked up in a tower or on a leash. At worst she would fear being put on the "registered Force users" list. Because, by law and official policy, that's all that happens.

Until the non-existent Inquisition decides otherwise.

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
Thanks folks,

And Akio is correct, as it stands three living souls know of the Inquisition. Three. Such it will remain, as those who do find out will be hunted down and killed. Secrets must be kept. Two can keep a secret ... if one of us is dead. *smirks*

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
Moira doesn't fall under the definition of a being with a soul. Technically she's also not alive, what with already having died and all.

Moving on, we should meet and discuss...interesting things.