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I'm back

[member="Hawk Solo"]

Alright, I'm going to start back from late last year. The Silver Sanctum Coalition returned to just being the Silver Jedi Order, refocusing on our mission as a Lightside faction. Since that point, the SJO has been in several scrapes with the Mandalorians and the Sith. About the same time, we've been gradually getting more involved with galactic events aboard, including providing assistance to the Galactic Alliance here and there. We've also struck up an alliance with the Iron Empire.

During this time, Thurion decided to step down as Grandmaster of the Order, and Coci retired from the position of Master of the Order. Sorel Crieff was selected to become the next Grandmaster of the Silver Order (and elected as Faction Owner), but things didn't work out with her. She wanted us to become a lot more conservative, which most people didn't want, so she left the order along with Matsu/Syn to start their own group, the Servants of Light.

There was an emergency election, and during that time I was chosen to become the next Faction Owner. Currently, we're in the process of selecting a new Grandmaster, which looks to be me at this point. You can drop into that thread or just follow along here.

Here's our current faction thread tracker. I'm not sure if you're looking to take on any apprentices, but we have some new Padawan who would like a master. Internally, we have some open threads going on as well.

What kind of threads are you looking for right now?

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